Witch football mascot are you

Nice job you still tried but you are not that smart you know noting About player and arena bandwagon come on man don't be mad at least you got A mascot

You did great but try harder your just missing that one part come on you got this man a good mascot equals great fans great records and great love try try again

Created by: Hashir Humza

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Who many teams are their in the pac 12
  2. Who is your rival
  3. Does usc have a mascot in ncaa 13
  4. How many pac 12 mascots have a wife
  5. Who the nfl honors mvp
  6. Who is your favorite player
  7. What team is Terrell Suggs in
  8. What college did tom Brady go to
  9. In 2017 who was named number one in top 100 players of the nfl
  10. Witch player played basketball

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Quiz topic: Witch football mascot am I