Wings of Fire Tribe Personality Quiz

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eener9lilly said:
Oct 10 '16, 10:55PM

seawing icewing skywing mudwing then sandwing then nightwing

skywing said:
May 14 '16, 6:45PM

im a 85 percent skywing!!!!! YAY!!!!!!!

skywing said:
May 14 '16, 6:44PM

im a 85 percent skywing!!!!! YAY!!!!!!!

cbdgnf said:
Mar 27 '16, 5:16PM

My mom is mostly IceWing. Weird. She lived in Norway when she went abroad in college and she was born in MN.

NormalBoy said:
Feb 26 '16, 10:59PM

Im a perfect mudwing why 61% skywing i don't like them :( 89%mudwing

hhhhh said:
Jan 22 '16, 4:13PM

81% Rainwing!!!!

Smokewhisper said:
Jan 2 '16, 11:54PM

I'm a night wing
I like ice wings but might wings r like my
3 or 4th favorite

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