Will you get a boyfriend?

There are many people who want to have boyfriends, get married and have kids. Others don't. If you want to find out if you'll get a boyfriend then take this quiz. (Even if you don't,take this quiz to find out if you might.

Are you popular? Pretty? Boyfriend worthy? Well, this quiz takes everything into account and adds it up, to tell you if you have what it takes to get a boyfriend.

Created by: Lilia

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Do you think you are pretty?
  2. Do you have a crush?
  3. Does anyone like you?
  4. Have you already had boyfriends?
  5. Do you like this quiz? (No effect on scores).
  6. Are you popular?
  7. Do you have friends who are boys?
  8. Do you go to school?
  9. Do you go out regularly?
  10. Do you want a boyfriend?

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Quiz topic: Will I get a boyfriend?