Will He Kiss You (Girls Only)?

You have a suspicion, a dream, a hope, an idea, that he likes you. And everyone in the world knows that a kiss is a sure sign of love, liking, crush, etcetera. It only takes a smart mind to put two and two together as well as a Seer to add the final touch.

Is that boy you like so much really going to eventually kiss you? Has fate decided to be kind? Or will it never be your destiny? For thousands of years, no mere person could see the future until they lived it years later. And now, in just a few minutes, you can know the truth! So take the quiz and hurry along!

Created by: Carrie
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1. What is your age?
Under 18 Years Old
18 to 24 Years Old
25 to 30 Years Old
31 to 40 Years Old
41 to 50 Years Old
51 to 60 Years Old
Over 60 Years Old
2. What is your gender?
3. Does he talk to you?
Of course! Crushes, classes, he tells me everything.
Yeah! We love to talk about our weekends and stuff.
Sometimes. He talks a little more with his friends, though.
No. I'm not sure if he sees me.
Yeah. To make fun of me.
Only a little. He seems kinda shy.
4. Do you suspect he talks about you to his friends?
Talk about ME? That would be a dream come true!
Yeah, they look at me and stuff
What friends? I'M his closest companion.
I think so. One time, I caught him glancing at me and he looked away immediately.
Maybe. I hope so!
I would think they were just brainstorming hurtful things about me if I didn't have this idea that he likes me...
5. Does he seem comfortable touching you? (Holding your hand,touching your cheek, etc.)?
He's shoved me or wanted to shove me before
Maybe by accident
He almost did one or more times
Loud and proud, everyone knows we're close!
Yeah, my heart beats whenever he does!
6. Which of the following feelings would you have if someone told you he had kissed another girl a few days ago?
Shocked that he hadn't told you!
Shocked that he liked someone else!
Upset because you know he wanted to hurt you!
Unsurprised because she's probably more popular!
Hurt because you really liked him!
None of the above
7. What is your reason for liking him?
I just love his personality and I love to be around him
I HATE him but if he liked me then I would totally love him because that's romantic!
There's no one I'm closer to
He's sweet and shy
I just...like him
He's so popular/hot/athletic/smart/charming/rich/badboy-ish/romantic
8. How do you like this quiz so far?
No better than any other quiz
It's pretty good
There's room for improvement
Dislike it
9. Which of the following do you think of when you hear a man saying the words "I love you"?
A man admitting that he's kept a secret for so long and is finally admitting it
A man who is finally done with teasing and hinting, and is ready to tell the girl everything
A man can't lie and have fake emotions to a girl any longer and he has decided to be honest
A man has decided to be brave and risk the girl saying she doesn't love him back
A man just admitting his emotions to a girl
A man admitting that he loved her from first sight and was loving a girl without her knowing
10. Which of the romance aspects in these movies would you hope relates to you?
Cruel Intentions
My Best Friend's Wedding
The Titanic (not the tragedy part)
Spiderman (when Peter and Mary Jane are still in school)
None of the above
11. Have you practiced kissing (air, a pillow, a toy, etc.) ?
When I'm alone and he's not with me
With a few friends and some toys/pillows/etc.
Yeah, accompanied with this vision of us in private, him saying "I like you..."
Yeah. I've always hoped he'd one day come up to me and ask me out.
Yes, I've always been a little shy to ask him out though!
12. Do you believe in fate?
Oh my goodness, how did you know? It was SO fate that we met and clicked.
Well, I hope it was fate that we met those years ago and now is our time to shine...
Hmm...is it FATE he picks on me?
No way! If fate existed, it would have made me bump into him or something!
Kind of...a little...yeah, I guess
Maybe it's fate that I like sweet guys and he's sweet.
13. Pick a card
Queen of Hearts!
Ace of Spades!
Joker Number One!
King of Diamonds!
Jack of Clovers!
Joker Number Two!
14. How did you like this quiz?
Hated It
Disliked It
Not the best

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