Who is your secret admirer?

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Too me said:
Feb 6 '09, 8:30PM

Your Result: Your worst enemy

You've heard of people doing weird things when there in love, well...this person shows his/her love for you by making your life a living hell!! This could come from him/her being embarassed about having feelings for you.

Best friend
A stranger/stalker
A work mate

--- wow... i have like 5 enemys... my friends are saying one of them likes me but i hate him.. and they are all guys to... good quiz!!!

Wolflover said:
Jul 18 '08, 9:47AM

ok, i got my best friend. he ain't my bffl, he actully kinda creeps me out...o jeez...

crystle317 said:
Jul 13 '08, 6:13PM

but i do like the quiz.^.^.

crystle317 said:
Jul 13 '08, 6:12PM

umm i got a person from work and i dont even work..IM TO YOUNG to work............... ...

Chlobuggy said:
Jul 7 '08, 5:24PM

I got a work mate, but you see I know that one of the people at my school (total geek named Wesley) is like in love with me and that quiz didn't even come close!

soulseriesaddict said:
Jul 6 '08, 9:44PM

my bff had a crush on... wait a sec. no, 13 of my best friends has had a crush on me. I have a crush, but idk if she knows i still do.......

cheezeeballs0001 said:
Jul 5 '08, 3:55PM

oh god. my result is a stalker. theres this 1 hot dood in my class hoo knows where i live...

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