Who is the best starter pokemon in Alola for you?

Which starter pokemon do you want? Which pokemon SHOULD you have? The answer is here! Play this quiz to find out! Your starter pokemon is waiting for you in Alola!!

Its pretty easy, and most (or all) have three answers. One for Fire, One for Grass, and one for Water. The last question is kinda like a joke, but it is not available in all games.

Created by: Carsten

  1. Choose your favorite animal.
  2. What is your fav. size?
  3. Where would you go?
  4. What is your personality?
  5. A wild pokemon has appeared!
  6. Where would you explore with your pokemon that have the advantage on where you would explore?
  7. You've have encountered a trainer battle and he/she sent out a Aloan Rattata. You sent out your favorite Alolan starter pokemon. Who is it?
  8. Who would you be?
  9. (Optional [Will not go to score]) What would you get when you fuse Litten and Graveler?
  10. Are you ready for your pokemon Journey?

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