Which Tango Orchestra Are You???

This quiz shall determine, without a trace of a doubt (hehe, right), which tango orchestra your personality resembles most. I will mix your personality juices, sprinkle a dash of some dark magic, and produce a hopefully not too surprising result for you to enjoy.

Important Disclaimer 1: Only a few orchestras have been chosen to represent the many for the sake of making this quiz possible. Important Disclaimer 2: The "personalities" I have given to the chosen orchestras are simply my interpretation, or an overexaturation of my interpretation of "who" these orchestras are. That said, enjoy (with caution).

Created by: ashatan of The Gap Between the Whys and the Becauses
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2. What is your gender?
3. You walk into a milonga and see someone you're attracted to who has no clue how you feel. You...
don't say anything about how you feel; instead tease him/her viciously, making jokes and mock insults. If it's a girl with braids, you pull on the braid and run away laughing.
march right up to him/her, look directly in the eyes with a passionate glance, take him/her into your arms and say "dance me to the end of love!"
throw a couple sweet smiles across the room and then politely ask for a dance and melt into the music together.
do the good-old-fashioned cabeseo from across the room, or else walk up to him/her and politely say "Pardon me, but would you be so kind as to accept the next dance?"
greet the person warmly right away, then charm him/her with witty jokes and conversation; follow it with a sizzling tanda and end with a wink or a kiss on the cheek.
you show up dressed in something eccentric to attract attention; come up to him/her with a greeting "Yo, how's it chillin', hot stuff?" The you proceed to dance a tanda of alternatives in your own funky style.
4. You haven't danced in weeks. You finally show up to a milonga and a DJ is playing the most horrible line-up of music you have ever heard. You...
find the most playful partners you know and use this night as a chance to goof around on the dance floor, trying out silly moves and adornos.
go to the DJ and politely offer a couple of "recommendations." If he/she doesn't listen, you figure that at least it's a good chance to dance with some beginners and catch up on chatting with old friends.
walk up to the DJ and ask when he/she will "Stop playing all this bouncy-bouncy stuff?!" If the music doesn't improve, loudly ask for your money back and leave. When you get home, write a long posting on yahoo! groups critisizing the milonga in order to s
make the best you can of the night, but chat with the DJ in private about the music. If nothing improves, start your own milonga but remain on good terms with the people who run the "milonga terrible."
take out your own exotic instrument and offer to play it instead of the DJ's music.
smile because this is a great chance to go flirt with the many dancers who are not dancing.
5. What kinds of books and movies do you enjoy most?
Anything that's funny -- it can be witty or completely idiotic, as long as it makes you laugh.
A bit of everything mixed in: adventure, comedy, a little romance (as long as it's not too mushy).
Heart-wrenching tales of love and war (you always have some tissues with you, just in case).
You must confess that you really love romances; chick flicks are your weakness and you have a shelf full of romance novels (I promise I won't tell anyone).
Indie films are your thing and your book shelf is full of abstract literature that no one's ever heard of -- anything that opens your eyes to something new!
You don't read books because you believe that ink is toxic and you don't watch movies because you fear that the radiation from the television screen may give you cancer.
6. It is your birthday today. You...
plan a birthday party/adventure for yourself and go celebrate! Life is wonderful and there is nothing better than to celebrate it with friends in a loud, merry way. Of course, any party will end on a night of dancing!
have a quiet, pleasant dinner with a few friends in a softly-lit restaurant and then maybe dance a little bit afterwards.
get into some kind of mischief. How else will you remember this birthday if you don't get into a little bit of trouble? Besides, who said you can't get _younger_ on your birthday?
host a dinner party. Plan it well. Make sure everyone is happy, even if it means sacrificing how much fun you have.
don't tell anyone it's your birthday and then pout and feel lonely because "no one remembered."
use it as an excuse to run around naked wearing nothing but your "birthday suit."
7. What is your idea of a perfect meal?
Fun foods" -- something you can eat your hands and get messy with and play with; a perfect meal to eat outdoors.
Some rich and sofisticated concoction which took a true master to create; it's something that you've never tried before, with not-so-subtle flavors -- something that you just wouldn't be able to eat in the park with a plastic fork.
A romantic candle-lit dinner; doesn't matter too much what you're eating, just who you're eating it with.
A feast of many cultures -- a colorful spread of international foods which one does not normally see on the same table together.
Something sweet and spicy that burns your tongue and makes your heart race.
Fried insects covered in powdered sugar.
8. What is the most common outfit you wear to a milonga?
man: tux woman: formal gown (where else can you dress formally these days?)
man or woman: sweats and t-shirt (something easy to move in) -- the t-shirt probably has some fun picture or silly saying on it
man: nice pants and a somewhat elegant button-down shirt, a bit of cologne woman: a pretty, but not too formal dress or dressy top, a bit of perfume
man or woman: something that will show off your unique style and separate you from the crowd -- something a bit on the FUNky side!
man or woman: black and red, of course -- something that reminds you of the flames of passion that engulf tangueros on the dance floor; you may even clip a flower to your hair or jacket; and plenty of perfume/cologne
Dance shoes. And maybe a hat. That's all.
9. If you had all of the following invitations, which party are you most likely to attend?
A sit-down dinner with a few close friends or family, someplace quiet where you can have meaningful conversations.
A cult initiation ceremony. You just want to meet like-minded people!
The one for which you know the host will prepare some fun games to play, or a beach-party, or a paint-ball game.
The kind you've never attended before: an Indian wedding? a Native-American right-of-passage ceremony? an African funeral? (believe it or not, that can often be a party!)
Something that's endowed with great meaning for you, preferably where you can cry -- a wedding?
A boisterous gathering of old friends at a pub, drinking, good (even if loud) conversation, joking, politics, whatever!
10. What is your idea of a quality joke?
Something witty that takes a bit of intelligence to understand and appreciate.
Does making silly noises in public count?
Something that pokes fun at your ex's new fling (who happens to be standing right next to you).
You don't joke much. It's just not your style really.
Something that uses foreign accents to add flavor to your joke. Or else something that you're desparately trying to translate from another language.
The kind of joke that makes yo mamma cry!
11. Who is your favorite literary hero?
Romeo or Juliet
Cyrano de Bergerac
Don Quixote de la Mancha
Hamlet ("To be or not to be?!")
Dumbledore (the wise wizard, protector of good, in the infamous Harry Potter books)
12. If you were an animal, which animal would you be?
A fox -- clever, mischievous, and playful.
A monkey -- tricky, goofy, and childish.
A dog -- a golden retriever to be precise -- a man's best friend -- reliable and trustworthy.
Some rare Australian lizzard that few people have ever seen.
A swan -- an elegant beautiful bird that makes the heart trepidate upon sight.
A peacock -- enough said.

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