Which Star Wars Character Are You?

Which Star Wars Character Are You? The characters of the Star Wars universe are truly intriguing and fun to watch. Who is your favorite?

Ever wonder how much you are like one of these characters? Do you stand for justice, or for evil? Are you a revenge seeker? Take this quiz to find out which Star Wars character is most like you.

Created by: Luke
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3. Do you like to laugh a lot?
Of course!
Sure, if the mood is right
Only when my enemies suffer.
4. Someone makes a mistake, what do you do?
Let it go, not that big of a deal
Apologize, because it was probably you
Crush them. You have no need for their insolence
Teach them so they don't repeat it.
5. A homeless person asks you for money, what is your response?
You've got your own problems, walk away
Lend a hand and give him what you can
Beat him up and take his shoe.
Ignore him, and if he ask again, stab him.
6. You are playing with a team, and lose a football game. Who do you blame for the loss?
The entire team, except you
The refferee
The Coach
7. You see two people fighting, but you don't know who started it and why. What do you do?
Keep moving, nothing to see here
Suggest to mediate the fight
Sit down and watch
Wait til it ends, and fight the winner.
8. A friend tells you a secret that if released could destroy them. How do you handle it?
Take it to the grave.
Only tell someone if you think it would help them
Keep it secret until you can use it as black mail
Tell everyone you know.
9. You agree to babysit a friends kid for the night, but get invited to a party. What do you do?
Stay with the kid
Stay with the kid until he falls asleep, then leave.
Pretend you are sick to your friend to avoid babysitting
Kill the kid, and go the party.
10. You buy a used car, but when you drive it home the rear tire falls off and the engine catches fire. How do you react?
Go back to the dealership and ask for your money back
Try to sell it to someone else for a "great price"
Hunt down the salesman and kill him and his family
Go to the dealership, get your money back, then burn it to the ground for good measure
11. A teacher asks you read and give a book report on a book you read three years ago. What do you do?
Read the book again, you liked it.
Skim through the book, to refresh yourself
Wing it, it should be fine
Give the book report on the spot, you know what you are doing.
12. You get pulled over by a cop for speeding, how do you handle it?
Apologize, and deal with the consequences
Smooth talk your way out of it
Try to use your Jedi-mind trick, hoping he is weak minded.
Choke him for wasting your precious time

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