Which sport should I play?

Sports is for everyone and it is crucial for kids to be apart of. Learning teamwork and hard work/dedication is very important. Sports should be enjoyed by everyone.

Should I go out for the team? What am I best at athletically? These questions will be answered in this test. It will give you a better outlook on the future and give you a path to take.

Created by: Serge

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  1. Can you spend hours dribbling a ball in practice?
  2. Do you like to practice by yourself or with other people?
  3. The right equipment will help me succeed?
  4. Are you quick?
  5. Do you have pretty good hand eye coordination?
  6. Do you like playing with your hands or feet better?
  7. Do you learn by drawing up the plays on a chalk board or by walking through them.
  8. Do you have feet or leg problems?
  9. Do you like playing in front of a crowd?
  10. Are you selfish?

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