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  • I am 88% Dory... :3

    LoserLoner Feb 15 '17, 11:39PM
  • Im 80% Dory, check my quizzes! ;)

    leafpool1972 Feb 16 '16, 6:41PM
  • Dory yey

    pamela 1330 Aug 7 '15, 2:35AM
  • Im carl fredison. It said u dont care about people feelings and you are a loner. One thing im care about peoples feeling . This is an error correct.

    cherrish Jun 10 '15, 7:58PM
  • girl:am i pretty
    gir l;do you want to be with me forever
    gi rl:will you cry if i walk away
    the girl walks away, hurt tears running down her eyes. the boy grabs her arm and sais,
    boy:your not pretty your beautiful,i dont wanna be with you forever i NEED to be with you forever.i wont cry if you walk away ill die if you walk away
    boy:please stay with me forever.
    girl:i will

    tonight at midnight your true love will realize they love you post this on 5 other events and be shocked tommorrow.paste it on 10 other quizzes and youll get everything you want!!!!!!

    WhyCantIBeMe Apr 15 '15, 10:30PM
  • Sully-Meow i mean ROAR

    joshbrewer Mar 29 '15, 11:45PM
  • Girl:do you think I'm pretty?
    Girl:do you want to be with me forever?
    G irl:will you cry if I walk away?
    Boy: no
    The girl walks away tears running down her face.the boy grabs her arm.
    Boy:I don't think your pretty your beautiful I don't want to be with you forever I need to be with you forever,I won't cry if you walk away I will die if you walk away. Boy:Please stay with me?girl:I will.
    Tonight at midnight your true love will realize he likes you.ifyou don't send this to 5 other quizzes you will have relationship problems for th next 10 years if you post this on 10 other quizzes you will get everything you want tomorrow. PS THIS REALLY WORKS!!!!

    Quiz lover20918 Mar 7 '15, 11:33PM

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