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  • Yay! I got Liam...
    I'm chill with that.

    Countrygirlz Feb 28 '17, 5:14PM
  • i relly want nail i want to meet him so bad but im in sauicer mississsippi

    niallover123 Mar 31 '16, 2:26PM
  • I don't like one d (zayne is cute)All of them are ugly HARRY IS UGLY

    bunny23 Mar 17 '16, 1:25PM
  • Nooooo Liam I want ZAYN MALIK

    nikkie Jan 3 '16, 10:24AM
  • i love louis tomlinson!!

    Allirra12 Aug 29 '15, 1:18AM
  • Result: Louis Tomlinson. 54% then i look at the other precentages Niall - 54% Harry - 54% Zyan - 54% Liam - 54% So im actually dating all of them..

    08Georgia67 Aug 7 '15, 5:23PM
  • Which One Direction Boy Is For You?
    Your Result: Louis Tomlinson

    resultYour One Direction hottie is Louis Tomlinson! He's down-to-earth, cute, shy and totally gorgeous. You will have a great time chilling with this handsome boy.

    Don't even like 1direction, I hate it!

    victoria87406 Jun 8 '15, 8:52PM

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