Which member of deema's family would you be?

I come from one big family. I have seven siblings including myself. although we live in one big house, each one of us has a different personality, different hobby, different taste and different way of living.

Ever wondered where would you stand in my big family?? if you were born as one of us, what would your name be? your birth order? your habits? who's gonna be your closest sibling?? are you going to be the nerd? the player? or daddy's little girl? It's fun to find out!

Created by: deema
1. What is your age?
Under 18 Years Old
18 to 24 Years Old
25 to 30 Years Old
31 to 40 Years Old
41 to 50 Years Old
51 to 60 Years Old
Over 60 Years Old
2. What is your gender?
3. You wake up in the Morning.. First thing you do?
You don't wake up if you don't have to! you check the time and go back to sleep!
You Check your email/phone/msgs!
You hop in the shower, and take forever to get ready!
You wait for someone to ask you to shower and get ready. otherwise you'll forget and miss school all together!
You drink some water and exercise!
You grab the book you were studying before you fell asleep and you start reviewing it.. in panic! you have a test today!!!!
4. Your favorite food is...
Junk and Pasta's.. !
Candy and Sweets!
Fruits and vegetables!
Any food served in a fancy restaurant!!
Cereals, noodles and frenchfries! and you don't eat anything else!.. too picky!
Food?? I can eat ANYTHING!
5. During your free time...
You Read and/or Write
You Watch downloaded Anime or TV serie on your laptop
You Take a nap..
You Play Wii/Playstation
You Go out with friends
You Browse the internet/online chat
6. You wish you were /or you want to be??
A Doctor /A Researcher..
Hmmm.. I change my mind all the time!
A Writer..
A Business man/woman
I don't really think about it..
An Actor/Actress or a Singer
7. Your Horoscope..
8. You never leave the house without...
Your Phone
Your Toothbrush
Your Wallet/Credit Card
I always forget to take anything with me
Your Antibacterial wetwipes
I rarely -if ever- go out anyway!
9. You look into your wardrobe.. what you see is..
Very neat and organized. and only brand name clothes
Very colorful collection of mostly casual wear
Stylish, trendy and affordable
Half the stuff there isn't mine.. but I'll wear it anyway!
All the things my sisters bought me.. and I never put on!
I can't see anything!!! It's so messy.. I'm just gonna pull whatever is on top!
10. The worst thing that can happen to you?
Not having enought time to Exercise
Not being able to go out with friends
Not having enough time to review for the fourth time before an exam
Internet not working!!!
Flying on economy
Get stuck in a room with a pet
11. Your parents are sitting in the living room at 10 P.M. they have called you all to chitchat about your day.. what do you do??
You just show up, kiss them good-night and leave pretending that you're so tired and want to go to sleep
You go. Sit and join whatever conversation is going on
You go. Sit there silently
You go. Talk non stop until you're asked to leave against your wishes
You go because you have few things you need to discuss with them
You go. Sit and talk mostly with your siblings.. giggling!
12. Your Favorite Accessory..
I don't wear any

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