which kind of kid are u?

There are many theories that the birth order influences the personality,for example would a first born deal with issues such as friendship, love and work in an whole other way then the middleborn, I thought that I would try using those differnences in this quiz.

You do maybe belive that you already know if you are the only child, or the youngest child or whatever. But there is a possibility that your mother did it with an other guy and that you accually have a older brother out there somewhere, you can never be sure. Right? thats why I created this quiz, for all you unsure brothers and sisters out there. This is youre chans!

Created by: ThaFat
1. What is your age?
Under 18 Years Old
18 to 24 Years Old
25 to 30 Years Old
31 to 40 Years Old
41 to 50 Years Old
51 to 60 Years Old
Over 60 Years Old
2. What is your gender?
3. if are divided into groups in school and is suppose to solve a problem with them u are the one who:
is the obvious leader. You try to get the group forward.
lays back, talking with a friend and waiting for the others to solve the problem.
doesnt know how to solve the problem, but who eagerly ask the others what to do.
comes with ideas here and there and the one who takes notes.
sits quit on a a chear and wanting to be in an other group.
that would depend on the group
4. Theres a new guy in your class, you:
dont care about him/her, maybe u dont even notice him/her.
talk with him/her, tell some jokes, make him/her laugh, u see if his/shes okay.
get really nervous, but feel that u must introduce him/her to the new school.
dont like new people, u stick with ure old friends.
scream of happiness inside ure body, this is the moment u waited for, now u wont be lonley any more. But will u dare to talk with him/her? ...
it depends on what the person looks like.
5. What would u like to do for a living when u grow up?
A sportsman, I LOVE to compete.
I think I wont to be self-employed, start an own buisness u know.
Doesnt matter, but no matter the job i choose, I want to have a high position in it, a boss or something.
Well since everybody says im a "drama queen", maybe being an actress/actor would fit me?
It would be fun to work with diplomatiques, an entrepreneur maybe.
None of the above.
6. What is ure most common feeling
"Fun and relaxed"
Happy but a bit "unloved"
Popular in school, but not at home. My parents often unfairr to me when there have been fight between me and my siblings.
Calm and cool.
None of the above.
7. Are there many pictures of u in the familly photo album?
Yes, I think that most of the pictures in it is on me!
Eh, yeah, I guess?
No! its like a hundred pictures in it, and 10 is of me!
8. is your best friend a:
only child
oldest child
youngest child
9. two people start a fight in school/at work, you:
You run away, they might atack u!
Try to stop the fight, patient and calm by talking with them, that is what ure good at
Jump in and try to stop the fight by punching and pulling, u dont care that one of them look really strong and angry.
Stand there and look at the fight.
10. If u come home and tell your parent of something that happened during th day, thyey often:
listen to u carefully
doesnt take what u say to them seriously
Pretend to listen (or listen for a few seconds and then start pretending) for a while and then continue with what they were doing before.
11. in my spare time, I like to:
Party, party, party!
Sit infront of the computer.
Go out shopping.
Make some hot chocolate and grab a book/comic to read.
Lie in my bed listening to music.
12. A great fear of yours is:
Being alone.
Losing the top position in ure group.
being in the middle of a conflict, u hate conflicts!
being disliked by someone.
Being ignored al the time

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