Which Harry Potter character are you...really?

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DracoMalfoyFan said:
Jan 15 '18, 1:47PM

Albus Dumbledore...O: Coolio!

FluffyEtini said:
Jul 14 '17, 6:39PM

I got McGonagall again

AnimeGodGames said:
Jun 18 '17, 7:12PM

I got Harry potter I just wow y'know

The14YearOldRidd said:
Dec 19 '16, 2:40PM

Wow. Umm, okay, Voldemort. Apart from the nose and being magic, I'd say that's pretty accurate

Haleigh said:
Aug 21 '16, 3:54PM

Which Harry Potter character are you...really?
Your Result: Sirius Black

result"Padfo ot", this man is the epitome of loyal. He secretly made himself an animagus to keep one of his best friends company when he mutated into a werewolf. He endured twelve years in Azkaban until he could avenge his best friends' betrayal. Sirius turned his back on his own family due to their obsession with being pure-blood and their evil allegiances. Being the only member of his family to be sorted into a house other than Slytherin set him apart almost as much as him taking in the Dark Lord's sworn enemy. Sirius is devastatingly cunning, being a creator of the Marauder's Map and the first wizard to ever escape from Azkaban. However he is also reckless and hungry for attention, a flashy show boater of a magician that puts his values over that of the law, Sirius had no problems standing out even amongst the best wizards. "I would have died! I would have died rather than betray my friends, as we would have done for you!"

84%Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore

78%Severus Snape

72%Minerva McGonagall

68%Hermione Jean Granger

63%Harry James Potter

62%Tom Marvolo Riddle "Lord Voldemort"

61%Bellatrix Lestrange

55%Ronald Bilius Weasley

50%Draco Malfoy


Beautiful123 said:
Aug 1 '16, 10:27PM

Draco Malfoy... Hmm. >;)

lela said:
Jun 21 '16, 1:08PM

Dude i love the book and when this person made the quiz ya i love this quiz

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