Which famous Royal are you? (females only)

Have you harboured secret dreams of being royalty ever since you were a small child? Do you think you are a secret aristocrat, torn from your real life and placed in the hands of commoners? Find out if you really are.

Which famous Royal are you? Have you changed history, or are you merely a beloved icon? Until now you could only wonder but want to find out? Thanks to this quiz, you now can...

Created by: BeThY
1. What is your age?
Under 18 Years Old
18 to 24 Years Old
25 to 30 Years Old
31 to 40 Years Old
41 to 50 Years Old
51 to 60 Years Old
Over 60 Years Old
2. What is your gender?
3. Have you experienced any difficulties in life as a child?
Yes, my family was driven out of our country
Yes, my father favoured his other children over me
No, my hardships came later in life
I led a life that was typical of the time I lived in
I have faced difficulties all throughout my life but I am able to overcome them
4. Which of the following describes you best?
Loving, caring,confident and enigmatic
Mischevious, light-hearted, disobedient and attractive
Seductive, strong, sexy and suspicious-minded.
Witty, beautiful, disloyal and demanding
Poweful, decisive, resourceful and intelligent
5. Which of the following name meanings most apeals to you?
My God is a vow
Grace, favour
6. Which of the following outfits most appeals to you?
Grand, large dresses with frilled cuffs and neck lining
Elaborate gowns with bright prints and rich colours
A daring French style dress with a hood pushed away from the face
White, plain Egyptain style dresses and elaborate head dresses
The latest fashions, something everyone will be envious of
7. Which of the following countries would you most like to visit?
None of the above
8. Which of the following animals would be your favourite?
a lapdog
a snake
a corgi
any dog
a cat
9. Which of the following jewels would you most like to own?
Gold or other precious metals
10. Which of the following would you do on a Saturday night?
Go out for dinner with a group of friends and make everyone at the table fall for you
Attend a ball with your family and impress everyone with your dancing and wit
Attend a charity function
Make plans for your next invasion
Hold a ball and remain as dignified as ever throughout the evening
11. A hot guy pulls a move on you, do you...
Glance at your husband to make sure he's not looking, then arrange to meet with him in your bedchamber later that night
Turn him down politely, with your royal demeanour still in tact
Fix him with an icy stare and make a cutting remark
Slink away into the night and kiss in the privacy of the garden
Ignore him and move away
12. Have you ever cheated on a spouse?
Yes, but I don't see anything wrong with that
Yes, but only because I don't feel loved by my spouse
No, but they've cheated on me
No,I never would
Yes, so what?
13. which of the following is most true about you?
I am hot tempered and people fall in and out of my favour easily
I am mischevious and loved by my family
I am loved by people and I do what is best for everyone
I am known for leading a scandalous life and having many lovers
I am thought to be a virgin but there is much that goes on in my private life that people aren't aware of
14. I am captured by criminals, the first thing I ask for is
A pen and paper so that I may write to my advisor, in hope of being rescued
I demand to be returned to my home, noone has the right to capture me
I ask for nothing. Instead, I pull a dagger from my knickers and stab anyone who gets in the way
I flirt my way out of the situation
I try to connect with my capturer in the hope that they will set me free
15. My ideal wedding is...
I don't plan to get married
A traditional English style one, with a big white dress, etc
A private ceremony with a few friends
I haven't thought that far ahead, besides my parents will sort it out
An exotic wedding held somewhere with a hot climate
16. My ideal man is...
Someone in a position of power
I don't have an ideal man
Whoever I fall in love with
Whoever my family thinks is appropriate
I don't think I should be limited to one man
17. If you were to suffer from any mental illness, which do you think you would be most likely to suffer from?
An eating disorder
I'm perfectly normal
I wouldn't suffer from any
This question offends me
18. Which of the following would you find most enjoyable?
Watching a performance at the Colusseum
Watching a play by Shakespeare be performed
Dancing with John Travolta
Flirting with a courtier
A family dinner
19. What sort of literature would you read?
A book on new-age astrology
I don't read often
A play of Shakespeare
I don't read at all
Something I've borrowed from a friend
20. Your favourite colour out of the following is

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