which dalek are you?

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the picture was the only one I had so It doesn't go with the quiz but I hope the quiz is fun hope you enjoy thanks for playing (if you did anyway)! its fun

in this quiz we find out if your a dalek! are you well lets see in this quiz to test the world, if they are a dalek of course I hope you have fun playing

Created by: Atomiczebra9

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. if someone asked you if you want tea or coffee which would you want?
  2. would you ask the doctor:
  3. do you need the loo
  4. are you
  5. who's the doctor
  6. :)
  7. are you getting bored (don't worry it's not part of the quiz)
  8. I like cookies
  9. 3+5+8+4+2=
  10. hobbies

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Quiz topic: Which dalek am I?