Which CSI:NY character are you?

There are many different branches of CSI but which New York chracter are you most like? You can be Danny, Don, Sheldon, Mac, Lindsay or Stella. Which one will you come out as?

Take this quiz/test to find out if you are cut out to be one of the best, or one of the not-so-good members of the CSI:NY team! No more wondering where you fit in, because taking this test will show you just what you want to see!

Created by: Jenny
1. What is your age?
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2. What is your gender?
3. You start getting feelings for a fellow worker. What do you do?
keep your distance. it's safer that way.
tell them how you feel
ignore your feelings, they will go away soon.
force them into a relationship. you are good-looking and persuasive.
take them on a date.
carry on as normal. if something happens, it happens.
4. There is going to be a fancy dress party for someone's birthday. What do you wear?
a pirate costume
a chicken outfit
a fairy dress
a dracula cape with fangs
a dog costume
5. What type of music do you listen to?
anything that's on
6. One of your fellow workers is due in court as a witness to a sensitive case but your parents want a meal with you. What do you do?
go to your parent's meal and try to make the court case after.
tell your parents that you cant come to dinner
go to the court case and then see your parents
ask your parents to come to the court case
go to the court case and afterwards, take your parents and your fellow worker out for dinner
7. You get put on a case that you can relate to from experience. What do you do?
go to your boss and ask him to remove you from the case.
do the case but get really frustrated at the ones closest to you in the process
do the case but insist that you do it alone so that you cant hurt anyone
work longer hours to put the culprit behind bars
8. You notice that a friend is really struggling with a case. What do you do?
go to them and offer your help, if they say no leave them to it.
offer your help and help them no matter what the answer is
go to the boss and get him to let him/her off the case
do nothing, they can handle it.
9. What would be your dream first date?
a night-time ferry trip
a drink and a meal in a nice posh resteraunt
a trip to the pub
going back to your house and taking it from there
10. If you were ever to quit your job, what would most likely be the reason?
you didnt quit, you got fired
it became to emotional for you to handle
you broke up from a relationship with another member of the team
you had an argument with the boss
you got a new job
you felt like quitting
11. Where would you rather work within the team?
questioning the suspects
analysing fingerprints/fibres
observing the crime scene
background checks on suspects/victims
12. Which other member of the team would you like to be in a relationship with?

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