Which CSI character are you?

All of the members of the CSI Las Vegas team are very different, and have their own unique talents and contributions. Do you think you would make a good CSI? If so, which of the main characters do you think you would be? take this test to see which character I think fits you the best.

Out of the six main CSIs (Grissom, Catherine, Warrick, Nick, Sara and Greg), which one are you most like? If you have a strange burning desire to know, look no further. This lengthy test will tell you whose true characer most resembles yours. So, WHO ARE YOU? WHO, WHO, WHO, WHO?

Created by: Rebecca of Katie and Becky
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1. What is your age?
Under 18 Years Old
18 to 24 Years Old
25 to 30 Years Old
31 to 40 Years Old
41 to 50 Years Old
51 to 60 Years Old
Over 60 Years Old
2. What is your gender?
3. Would you describe yourself as more:
compassionate, witty, nerdy
intense, sarcastic, somewhat geeky
laid back, withdrawn, sweet
determined, fair, reliable
confident, attractive, persuasive
funny, smart, loyal
4. If you found out a co-workers that you really cared about was getting fired for a minor mistake he or she made, you would:
talk to other co-workers to see what you could try and do to help, because he/she has always been there for you, and you feel as if you should do the same for them.
Figure that it is none of your business. They were out of line, and deserve whatever they get.
Silently get angry at the boss for firing him/her unfairly, and talk about him behind his back.
Ask one of your superiors if anything can be done, if not, its really not your problem.
Go to the boss directly about the injustice. It really wasnt fair, and youre not going to stand for it.
Talk to the boss diplomatically, and attempt to convince him that it was not just his/her mistake, and that they should get another chance.
5. If you started to have feelings for a fellow CSI, and were convinced that they were perfect for you, you would:
Make it happen between you two. You are persuasive, and would have no trouble seducing them.
Avoid them completely. You wouldnt let anything happen because it might jeopardize your job. You might occasionally let yourself dream, but it can never be a reality.
Ignore it, you know you that you will find somebody else, and the feelings will pass.
Tell the person how you feel honestly, and demand that they make a choice about how they feel about you. You want it to happen, but you are not going to beat around the bush.
Secretly admire them while you are working with them. Tease them mercilessly, and show them loyalty when they need you.
If something happens, it happens. All you can do is wait and see it anything evolves.
6. If you thought you deserved a promotion, but somebody else less deserving got it, you would:
Shrug it off. You dont really care what positions you are in, as long as you are involved in solving the crimes.
Be inwardly upset and unknowingly take it out on those around you. But would get over it pretty quick.
Obsess over what you could have done wrong, and ask the boss about his decision.
Go straight to the person who got the promotion, and figure out why the boss said they were picked
Ask the boss why he went with the other person, and then apply for every other position possible.
Be let down, but after talking it out with your best friend, you realize that it isnt the end of the world.
7. Which of these random things would you most likely say, or could you see yourself saying?
Only clue he has got is a missing boat, which sucks because...its missing.
Technically, that makes you a cannibal. Grissom would be proud
Im wrong all the time. Its how I get to "right".
You know ... a real man wouldnt mind.
Not just any guy would walk a girl to the morgue.
You know, I am always getting criticized for empathizing with the victims and their families, but thats who I am. Thats how I do my job.
8. Someone is joking around with you during a serious investigation, what do you do?
roll your eyes at their remarks, and tell them to give it a rest.
Smile a little, and bring up the serious stuff again.
Glare at them, tell them to stop, but then snicker silently to yourself, because it was really funny.
Allow the mood to turn lighter for a couple minutes and joke about it yourself, but then guide the focus back to the serious situation.
Stare blankly at them. Their remark was stupid, and doesnt deserve a response, you would just ignore it and move on.
Laugh hysterically, and unintentionally let yourself get off track too.
9. A new guy joins your team, what do you think of him at first?
you are interested to learn about him, and hope he will be a good addition to the team.
Look him over once, and decide whether or not he looks promising.
You would decide to act friendly towards him, while secretly being suspicious of his charisma and true motives.
You figure a new guy cant hurt, it means less work after all.
You dont really care either way, but you know you wont bother to get to know him, because your team is already close, and does not need another addition.
You barely acknowledge his presence, but will treat him with respect if he proves himself to be interesting enough.
10. What kind of books do you read?
mostly best sellers and magazines
non-fiction and practical stuff
c. whatever you are interested in at the time.
Science fiction or thriller
11. What would you wear to work?
You like to look your best, and usually wear expensive shoes, slacks, and a nice shirt.
You try and throw something nice looking together, but it sometimes looks kind of scruffy
Jeans and a nice shirt. Still dressy, but casual.
You dress completely for comfort, but you still try and buy nicer looking stuff, just not anything too fancy.
You like to look good, but not overly dressy. You usually have casual clothes with nicer accessories.
You always look professional and classy, but you dont put much thought into it. You just buy whatever dressy stuff they have on display at the store.
12. Somebody teases you when you are in a really bad mood, what do you do?
walk away from them before they can annoy you anymore.
Tell them you are not in the mood, and then ignore them until they go away.
Make a sarcastic remark back, and then glare at them until they decide to drop it and move on.
Sigh loudly, stare at them, and let the long silence freak them out until they change the subject.
Snap at them, realize its not their fault you are in a bad mood, and apologize.
Flash a fake smile, and try and pretend that nothing is wrong.
13. One of the lower ranking CSIs is having trouble adjusting to the stress of it all, and they keep messing up, what do you do?
Talk to him about it if he seeks out your advice, but assume that he will get through it alright.
Talk him through the crime scenes when you work with him, and encourage him when he seems down.
Tell others to give him a break. You know he will do fine, and he will figure out how to handle it himself.
Give him a few pointers, but then wonder if he is really cut out for being a CSI.
You have too much going on already, and cant worry about how another CSI is doing too. Anyway, you are sure everything will work out fine.
Joke with him about it, but if he seems really troubled, then offer to talk with him after work sometime.
14. A particular case is really getting to you because you can really relate to it, how do you react?
you would be on edge and stressed out, but would refuse to let it get the best of you.
You might unknowingly take it out on the suspects, but you would be able to stay in control after calming yourself down.
You would be depressed throughout the whole case, but would make yourself finish it.
The personal connection would make you even more driven, and determined to figure the case out. However, it might make you somewhat irrational.
You would throw the rule book out the window, and do anything possible to catch the perpetrator.
You would work longer hours, but it would not affect your level of professionalism in any way.
15. Do you break the rules very often?
You try not to, but you tend to make some thoughtless mistakes. The job can be overwhelming sometimes.
You try not to, but sometimes your emotions get the best of you, and you will do anything to solve a case. You are also not afraid to break rules if you believe it will not compromise the case.
You hardly ever break the rules, unless you think it is more ethical than what your superiors tell you to do. Then you dont really care whether or not you are doing things how you are supposed to.
You dont really pay much attention to the rules. This can get you in trouble, but you usually manage to justify your actions, and are forgiven.
You hardly ever break the rules. You would not want to jeopardize your job, and you believe that the rules are there for a reason. There is a definite right way to do things.
You will break them if your superior believes it is justified, but otherwise you dont want to take any stupid risks.
16. Are you into music?
yeah, I like to keep up with the latest rock bands, and like a variety of other styles.
Somewhat. I like whatever is the most recent. Pop, hip-hop, and whoever is big at the moment.
I like mostly classic stuff, jazz, classic rock, instrumental, and some other odd artists, but I dont keep up with the latest bands. Music today is rarely good.
I love new and classic country, and some pop/rock.
17. Do you watch TV very often?
rarely. Only if something really catches my interest, but never anything mainstream.
Yes, I try to stay caught up with whatever big shows are on. Im really busy, but I tivo most of my favorite shows.
I watch sports and documentaries often, but nothing else.
Sometimes. There are a couple shows I really like, and I watch some mainstream stuff, but Im usually too busy for that.
I mostly watch MTV and music stuff, but I do enjoy watching a couple shows when I have the time.
When Im lounging around I will occasionally watch a reality show or something practical about cars/restoring houses etc, but not that often.
18. If you were an animal, what would you be?
Witty fox
Graceful deer
Powerful horse
Sharp eagle
Teasing kangaroo
Wise panda
19. If your work was ruling your life, what would you do?
figure that you had to put in that time, and it would eventually get better once you prove yourself to be a hard worker.
Go to your boss, and tell him that you need more down time to balance out your stressful work life. You need a social life too, or you will go crazy.
Casually bring it up with your boss, and drop a couple of hints that you need more time with your friends/family.
You probably wouldnt really notice. You are already always thinking about your job. It would be nice to have more time to yourself, but you dont really care.
You wouldnt mind It at first because it means getting more experience, but eventually you would tell your boss that it was too much if you were having trouble coping.
20. After a serious accident at work that could have killed you, you would:
be really nervous about returning, but after the encouragement from a couple co-worker you would be able to work up to the confidence you had before.
It wouldnt really affect you. You might be shaken at first, but you would already have forgotten about it a couple days later.
It would probably really shake you up, but you would try to return to work right away, like getting back on a horse. However, it would probably bother you for quite awhile
You would hold back on work until you felt ready to return, and build up gradually. You have to make sure you have fully come to terms with the accident before you go back.
You would ask the boss to take you off the case, but after a day or two you would be ready to start fresh with a new one.
21. Towards people that you really care about or respect, you tend to be:
A little more open to. Not a lot, but more than you would normally be
Teasing, playful but very loyal to the few you care about most.
You are more likely to actually listen to them. Or you would at least give them the time of day.
You are protective of them, and you tell them what is best for them, and are brutally honest whether they like it or not.
You act cool and casual towards them, but they know where your loyalties lie, and that you really care about them. You are there if they really need you.
22. You see one of your co-workers (that you really respect) all dressed up to go to court, and you are shocked at how amazing they look, what do you do? (what would you REALLY do?)
Pretend not to notice while secretly admiring them when they are not looking.
Tease them about their snazzy new look, and pretend to hit on them. While secretly admiring them.
Stand there dumb-struck for a couple seconds, and then try to recover by paying them a small compliment.
Give a teasing wink, and a lookin good, and then get back to work.
Look at him/her, and realize that you would make a cute couple. You are both good looking, after all.
Try to come up with something funny to say while you mumble unintelligibly and make an idiot of yourself.
23. You see someone for the first time, what would you most likely notice first?
they were holding a really interesting looking book in their hands. You will have to check that out
They seemed really honest and genuine.
They were wearing a high fashion outfit. If only you had the money for such luxuries
They had great hair, and amazing blue eyes.
You noticed a lot of little details about them, but nothing in particular caught your interest.
They were very well spoken, and seemed pretty intelligent.
24. What is your laugh like?
a big, appreciative cackle
a low, rumbly, even laugh
a squinty eyed, all out, laugh
its more of a little smile, and a quiet chortle.
a big grin, and a quiet smirk
a smooth, higher laugh
25. Do you find darker humor funny?
usually, yes. You always see the irony in the situation.
Hardly ever. You dont see how anyone could think something so gruesome or serious is funny.
Sometimes, if it hits you at the right moment.
26. Which of these movies would you most likely rent?
Friday Night Lights
Grid Iron Gang
Deja vu
The Illusionist
Talladega Nights
James Bond
27. Do you want to have kids?
well obviously, you already do.
You would love to, but you dont think it will ever happen.
almost definitely not . It would take a lot to change your mind.
You definitely want to some day, whenever you decide to settle down.
Maybe. If you meet the right person and you both really want to have kids, you would.
28. What was your best subject in school?
math or science
PE or sports
English or literature
Everything, you liked it all.
You were pretty good at everything, but didnt like any one subject in particular.
You didnt like any of it, but you managed to get good grades in everything.
29. What would you rather do at a crime scene?
talk to the suspects and witnesses
study the room that the crime occurred in closely.
Do background research on the suspects and victim.
Go through the victims car, apartment and personal belongings.
track down missing suspects, and bring them back to the lab.
30. What were you in high school?
a complete nerd
a quiet loner
a nerd that tried to be cool, but really wasnt at all
a popular bully
the nice guy/girl that everyone loved
31. Which band would you most likely listen to, or do you like the most?
The Red Hot Chili Peppers
Gwen Stefani
Louis Armstrong and Ella Fitzgerald
Lenny Kravitz
The Eagles
32. What name do you think suits you best? (doesnt have to match your sex)
33. How would you describe your mood and attitude most of the time?
well, it varies a lot
generally calm, cool and collected
relaxed, and in good humor
Usually you are openly agitated, frustrated or annoyed
in good spirits the majority of the time
34. What would you most likely get in trouble for?
ignoring orders from your superiors, and doing things your way
Not doing things conventionally, but still following the important rules
Getting too emotionally involved with the case
Forgetting a step in the process. There are a lot of important things to remember!
Not doing all of the extra leg work. Sometimes there are too many things to do all at once.
35. What is your biggest pet peeve when it comes to people?
When they are slimy and dishonest.
When they end up being a waste of your time, and are boring.
When they dont have a strong set of personal values that they live by. It doesnt matter what they are, as long as they are committed to them.
Ignorance. You should not judge others if you dont understand their situation.
A lack of confidence and strong sense of who they are.

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