Which Coronation Street character are you?

Which Coronation Street character are you? Are you quirky, cheeky, Leanne? Devil child, David Platt? Not-so-loving-mother, Cilla? Maybe you're unlucky-with-women, Steve McDonnald or murderess-Tracy Barlow? FIND OUT HERE!

Which Coronation Street character are you? With so many to choose from, it's hard to tell. What do you think? Claire Peacock, Michelle Connor, Gail Platt, Sally Webster, Les Battersby? Well you can find out once and for all with this Corrie Quiz!!!

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1. What is your age?
Under 18 Years Old
18 to 24 Years Old
25 to 30 Years Old
31 to 40 Years Old
41 to 50 Years Old
51 to 60 Years Old
Over 60 Years Old
2. What is your gender?
3. Somebody jumps in front of you in a queue... on purpose. Do you...
Make a personal note to make that person suffer...
Appologize for getting in their way...
Loudly point it out to them and send them all the way to the back of the line...
Roll your eyes and groan...
Knock into them, hard, and move in front...
Quietly say to them that you were there first...
4. Your bank closes and you find out you are not going to get your money back. Do you...
Kill somebody and get the money from there will, problem solved!
Groan, shout, whine but do nothing more.
Sue the bank, maybe you could get thousands!!!
Have a hissy fit, but lets face it, there wasnt much in there in the first place...
Blame somebody close to you and minipulate them into giving you their money...
Groan a bit and promise to use more than one bank next time.
5. A family member is murdered and there are no clues as to who mudererd him/her. The day before he/she was murdered, the two of you fell out. How do you react?
You were the one that killed him/her.
You hate and never forgive yourself for falling out with that person.
You don't feel bad about the argument, you argue with everyone & they knew you didnt mean what you said.
You feel terrible, but you'll manage to get over it.
You're glad they're dead, though you pretend you're not. You'll remember to thank whoever did it.
You go to their funeral and write an amazing speech about them. That way they'll go to heaven happily.
6. A close friend is somebody who....
Won't judge you for what you've done
Will help you deal with family problems
Will help you escape family problmes
Will give you money in their will
Will go shopping with you
Will listen to your problems, and you'll listen to theirs
7. In your opinion, your best feature is...
Your charm
Your quick wit
Your success
Your parenting skills
Your understanding
Your talent
8. Your home alone and you hear somebody come into the house. Your upstairs. You think....
They've come for revenge...
It's the police come for me...
It's a robber...
Wonder who that is?
I'll sort them out, crafty little *****
9. You have kids...
Yes and I love it
Yes but they're too expensive
Yes but they give me too much grief
No but I'd like them
No, I hate kids.
I havent got round to it
10. A good job for you...
Author. I could write a book about my life.
Hairdresser/stylist/fashion designer
I cant be bothered to get a job
Anything that earns money but doesn't take much doing
ANYTHING that earns money. Money, money, money.
11. You are happy with life
12. You are better at...
Getting into trouble
Getting out of trouble
I dont do trouble
13. Whats more important?

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