Which Character would you be in Star Wars Universe?

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Everybody knows the saga "Star Wars", but the Universe where the movies happens, is so much bigger than just what we see in the movies. If you are really a fan of that saga, stay here.

If you were part of that Universe, who would you be? Answer these quiz and see the result. Which character is more like you? Discover the answer now!!

Created by: Legendary Jordan

  1. Do you act more by reason or by emotion?
  2. Picture the scene: You are on an important mission, and your friend get in a really big danger. Saving him will put the mission in risk. What would you do?
  3. What do you fight for?
  4. Picture the scene: You know who is the guy that killed your parents. You know where to find him. What would you do?
  5. Which of these qualitys define you better?
  6. Choose a Ship
  7. Choose a color for your lightsaber.
  8. Choose a special ability.
  9. Choose a Place to live.
  10. Choose a Star Wars Quote.

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