Which calvin and hobbes character are you?

Welcome quizzers, to the world of Calvin and Hobbes. Have you been wondering which Calvin and Hobbes character you are? Well this quiz is 100% accurate.

Are you the imaginative Calvin, the humorous Hobbes, or the bully, Moe? This quiz will help you find out which one. I hope you like my quiz! I worked hard on it!

Created by: slothmaster#1

  1. Do you have a big imagination?
  2. What kind of fish do you like?
  3. are you tall or short?
  4. Not trying to be rude, but are you a bully?
  5. what do you like to do on your free time?
  6. how do you get clean?
  7. Is your teacher also an imaginary alien?
  8. do you think your jokes are funny?
  9. are you happy this quiz is over?
  10. just kidding
  11. What is your name?
  12. if you are really that mad, I will end the quiz.
  13. Sorry, but I am not that nice :b
  14. Are you annoyed of me yet?
  15. If you want, we can watch a movie. Go here! [no urls]?search_query=boss+baby
  16. end of the quiz. for reals this time.

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Quiz topic: Which calvin and hobbes character am I?