Where are you on the political spectrum

Where are you on the political spectrum? Are you on the left, center or right. Or are you something not classifiable such as a libertarian or anarchist. Your true political ideology may be different than what you perceive it to be.

Your responses to issue, policy, attitude and pop culture related questions will determine if you are a lefty, liberal, moderate, conservative, wingnut or libertarian on the political spectrum. Please note the age and gender questions were required by gotoquiz.com

Created by: Roy Moskowitz of this site
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1. What is your age?
Under 18 Years Old
18 to 24 Years Old
25 to 30 Years Old
31 to 40 Years Old
41 to 50 Years Old
51 to 60 Years Old
Over 60 Years Old
2. What is your gender?
3. You believe a balanced budget
is desirable
should only be achieved by cutting spending
should only be achieved by raising taxes
is a worthy goal after huge tax cut induced deficits force massive government spending cuts
can only be accomplished by both increasing taxes and cutting spending
4. Taxes should be
as low as possible
a necessary evil
as high as possible on the rich
5. What are your attitudes about healthcare
It should be a right in any advanced society
Our current system should not be changed. We have the best system in the world.
Costs need to be contained
We need a public option to keep insurance companies honest
Single payer is the only way to go
Let market forces improve the system
6. Welfare
should be available for only a limited time
should be available only for children
should not exist. Nobody owes anyone anything
and other related services should be available as a safety net
and other similar services must be available to the poor as long as necessary to guarantee basic human dignity. People should also be provided with the education, healthcare and child care they need to find a job and leave welfare
7. The homeless
are that way by choice
are mostly mentally ill
are that way because they can't afford housing
should get a job or be given a one way bus ticket
should be provided with adequate housing and services
8. The government suddenly has a surplus. We should
cut taxes. It's our money.
restore programs that were cut and fund new initiatives
save the surplus for a rainy day.
All of the above
2 and 3
9. Which statement is closest to your attitude
Spending money on a situation does not improve the situation
Spending money on a situation is the only way to improve a situation
Spending money on a problem may not always solve a problem, but not spending money on a problem will never solve the problem
Spend money when necessary, but lower costs first.
I don't care if you solve the problem or not. Just don't raise my taxes.
The government should only spend money on national security and law enforcement
10. Which best describes your attitude towards higher education.
It should be a right in advanced societies.
It should be affordable for everyone
Nobody owes you anything. Get a job and finance it yourself.
You need to get a job if you can't afford it, but the government should pick up the rest.
11. The U.S. should fight wars
only when attacked
when we or our allies are attacked
when we or our allies are attacked and for humanitarian reasons
when it is in our security or economic interests
12. Your attitude towards the Iraq War
There are no weapons of mass destruction and Iraq had nothing to do with September 11. We need to get out ASAP.
Regardless of WMD status, removing Saddam Hussein was a good thing.
Although removing Saddam Hussein was a good thing, it wasn't worth the deaths resulting from the war.
We need to exit the war ASAP, but in an orderly fashion.
We should not exit the war until we've won
13. How should the United States deal with Iran?
Hit them with a preemptive strike
Allow Israel to hit them with a preemptive strike
Impose sanctions
Negotiate with no preconditions
Negotiate with no preconditions and impose sanctions if they fail
Negotiate with no preconditions, while leaving no potential response off the table if talks fail
14. What should we do with suspected terrorists
Hold them outside the country without formal charges, torturing them if necessary to get information
Prosecute them with military tribunals and then hold them outside the country, torturing them if necessary to get information
Give them due process. Everyone is innocent until proven guilty. Those found guilty will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law
Give them due process. Everyone is innocent until proven guilty. Those found guilty will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law, with the exception of the death penalty.
15. Your feelings on torture
it is morally wrong and should never be permitted
is something that should never be permitted because it endangers American and allied troops and civilians. It also produces too many false positives.
Torture should be performed only in Jack Bauer situations
It is repugnant, but a necessary tool to get information in rare situations.
We should have no qualms about torturing terrorists. The terrorists don't care how much suffering they've caused.
16. Warrantless surveillance
should never be an option. The current warrant system grants enough flexibility to monitor terrorist activities. Without warrants, a president could spy on political enemies as Richard Nixon did.
should be used only in limited situations to prevent the trampling of the fourth amendment.
should be used when necessary. There should never be any restrictions on terrorist related intelligence activities. National security trumps the fourth amendment.
17. Dick Cheney
Should shut up and go hunting, preferably with other right wing loud mouths
should be prosecuted
and other Bush officials should have been prosecuted when in office, but pursuing them would distract us from pursuing important policy goals
performs a useful service when he criticizes the Obama administration
18. Israel
Is an important Democratic ally in a hostile region.
is surrounded by 300 million hostile Arabs and Muslims. most of whom deny its right to exist. There should be a two state solution only after its enemies agree to normalized relations and cease terrorist activities. It should not be forced to give up any of Jerusalem.
is surrounded by 300 million hostile Arabs and Muslims. most of whom deny its right to exist. There should be a two state solution only after its enemies agree to normalized relations and cease terrorist activities.
is surrounded by 300 million hostile Arabs and Muslims. most of whom deny its right to exist. There should be a two state solution only after its enemies agree to normalized relations and cease terrorist activities. It should freeze settlement expansion.
should not give up one inch of Biblical land. A Palestinian state already exists. Its called Jordan.
is a colonial Apartheid state, responsible for most Middle East violence. It should be replaced by a secular Palestinian State.
19. Global Warming
is human produced, scientific fact and already impacting the planet
is potentially dangerous, but won't affect us until the future
may not be the result of human activity, but still poses a threat.
Global warming doesn't exist. I have scientific evidence to the contrary.
Global warming is a myth. Have you been outside this summer.
20. Your attitude towards offshore drilling
Drill baby drill
We can not drill anywhere that will damage the environment. Fossil fuel independence is also a matter of national security.
We need to reduce fossil fuel dependence regardless if we drill offshore. Its a matter of national security.
We need to drill and reduce long term fossil fuel dependence by developing new technology.
21. Nuclear Weapons
should never be used
should be used only in response to a nuclear attack
can be used tactically
should be used anytime it suits the national interest.
22. Tea partiers are
a grassroots movement protesting budget deficits, taxes and socialism
a bunch of right wing loons supported by corporate interests
grass roots activists with some funding from conservative groups, which is no different than groups like Move On funding liberal protests
a movement as small as the brains of its members
23. The minimum wage
is too low for anyone to live on and should be replaced by a living wage
costs jobs because employers will cut workers when forced to increase the money spent on compensation
should be adjusted for inflation
should be set by supply and demand
24. Which best describes your opinion on Abortion
It should be safe, legal and rare
It should be outlawed in all situations
It should be legal in all situations. No one has the right to tell a woman what to do with their body.
It should be legal, but I don't want to pay for it.
It should be legal only if the woman's life or health is in danger.
I'm pro choice but think there should be restrictions. I don't think it should be used as a birth control method.
25. What is your opinion about drug legalization.
Medical marijuana should be available
The softer ones should be legal
The softer ones should be legal and possession of other drugs should be decriminalized
Everything should be legal
Medical marijuana should be illegal. First time drug use offenders should be given the option of treatment or prison. otherwise all users and dealers should serve time.
Medical marijuana should be illegal. All users and dealers should serve time and be punished severely.
26. What is your opinion about Gay Marriage
They should be legal. Its a mater of fairness and civil rights.
Rights enjoyed by married couples can be be provided to Gays via civil unions or domestic partnerships. Marriage should be defined only as a union between a man and a woman.
It should never be legal and Gay relationships should never receive any of the rights and privileges endemic to marriage. Read Leviticus.
States should decide if they want same-sex marriage, civil unions or no legal remedy at all.
27. Your opinion on gun control
Guns don't kill people; People kill people
People with guns kill people
The second amendment says I have the write to an automatic weapon
The second amendment discusses militia. The right to bear arms only refers to militia. It was not meant to guarantee the rights of individuals to possess weapons.
No matter how strict gun control laws become, criminals will always find away of obtaining fire arms.
We need stricter policies nationwide to prevent crazy people like the Pittsburgh Health Club and Virginia Tech killers from embarking on killing sprees.
28. Your feelings on the death penalty
I'm against it
I'm for it.
I'm for it only in instances of mass murder or terror
I favor the death penalty in concept, but am against its implementation because minorities convicted of murder receive capital sentences disproportionately more frequently than whites convicted of similar crimes.
I'm against it, but have problems telling victims' friends and relatives they don't deserve revenge.
29. Affirmative Action
causes white males to be discriminated against
is needed to correct past and current discrimination and bias
is still necessary, but I'm against formal quotas
has outlived its usefulness
is wrong. We live in a meritocracy and hiring and admissions decisions should be made based on objective criteria independent of race, gender, ethnicity, religion, etc.
30. How do we fix Social Security
It ain't broke
Privatize it.
Allow people to make their own investment decisions on a portion of their Social Security money.
Eliminate the regressive wage cap, where payroll taxes are no longer collected on income above certain levels ($106,800 in 09)
Raise income cap levels and tweak retirement age and eligibility standards
31. No one is accusing you of being the type of person who would believe in conspiracy theories. However, just for fun, pick the conspiracy theory you think is the most likely to be true
Humans never landed on the moon.
Obama is an African born Muslim.
September 11 was an inside job by the Bush administration.
The world is controlled by a shadow government of industrialists and secret society members
Large corporations and the extreme wealthy conspire to help governments friendly to their needs and hurt those hostile to them
Aliens landed in Roswell and most technology developed since then such as computers, are the product of alien knowledge.
32. Favorite dead economist or political philosopher (If you are not familiar with any of the below, please Google them).
Adam Smith
Thomas Paine
John Maynard Keynes
Karl Marx
Milton Friedman
Jude Wanniski
33. Favorite living economist or economic philosopher. If your are not familiar with any of their work please Google them.
Robert Reich
Paul Krugman
Arthur Laffer
Suze Orman
Ben Stein
34. Favorite President (post 1932)
35. Author
Ayn Rand
36. TV Commentator
Bill O'Reilly
Keith Olbermann.
Rachel Maddow
Anderson Cooper
Glenn Beck
37. Movie quotes
Greed is Good (Wall Street)
I'm mad as hell and I'm not going to take it anymore (Network)
There is only so much money a man can have, the rest is just to show off. (Forest Gump)
Force has settled more issues in history than any other factor. The contrary opinion 'violence never solves anything' is wishful thinking at its worst. People who forget that always pay...They pay with their lives and their freedom. (Starship Troopers)
We've got serious problems, and we need serious people, and if you want to talk about character, Bob, you'd better come at me with more than a burning flag and a membership card. If you want to talk about character and American values, fine. Just tell me where and when, and I'll show up. This is a time for serious people, Bob, and your fifteen minutes are up. My name is Andrew Shepherd, and I *am* the President. (The American President)
38. Musical Performers
Toby Keith
Ted Nugent
Bruce Springsteen
Kanye West
39. School Prayer
happens every day when a student doesn't study for a test or complete homework
doesn't belong in public schools. We have separation of church and state
Should be part of the curriculum. We are a Christian nation
A non-denominational moment of silence for prayer and meditation would be ok
It should be up to the individual school districts
40. Sex education
should be abstinence only
should be age appropriate
Although abstinence is the only way to guarantee that an individual remains pregnancy and disease free, it's not realistic to assume that teens will be abstinent just because an adult tell them to be. Therefore sex ed curriculums must teach about birth control options and disease prevention.
41. Should the drinking age be changed to 18.
Yes. 18 year olds can vote, get married and die for their country. They should be entitled to legally drink.
No. All states increasing the drinking age to 21 more than two and half decades ago has saved lives.
It should be up to the states to decide. States that decrease the age should not be penalized with highway reduction.
The drinking age should be reduced for wine, beer and other beverages with similar alcohol percentages
The age to smoke tobacco should also be 21

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