What type of movie character would you be?

There are many movie cliche characters. The Hero, the Villain, etc. These cliche's have been used for many movies and even some quizzes on this site. I present to you, the quiz to tell which cliche you are.

Which movie character are you? Are you the noble hero, who will give his life for his friends and for the greater good? Or are you the evil villain, who will top at nothing to get what he wants? Take this quiz and find out! The answer may surprise you!

Created by: gishkiman
1. What is your age?
Under 18 Years Old
18 to 24 Years Old
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31 to 40 Years Old
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51 to 60 Years Old
Over 60 Years Old
2. What is your gender?
3. You and your ally are in a Nigerian torture prison, you are next up on the list to face the firing squad. How do you escape?
Fight your way through
Climb into the air vents
Use your partner as a distraction while you escape
Scream in fear
Ask the soldiers to join your regime
4. People describe you as...
5. Your group of travelers are wandering through the jungle, when someone notices that you have all stepped in quicksand. What do you do?
Push your friend under so you can get to the top
Try to save everyone and then yourself
Scream in terror
Make some sarcastic remark about the cliche'
Escape and leave everyone else behind
6. You are...
Intelligent and Devious
Traitorous and Backstabbing
Clever and Strong
Beautiful and Helpless
Funny and Supportive
7. You and your friend are being attacked by a horde of undead zombies. You have just escaped, but he is still down there with a monkey, backed against a wall. What do you do?
Save your friend
Save the monkey
Ask, why the hell zombies are here?
Scream in terror as the zombies rip him to shreds
Leave him so you can escape
Lift him up, take his stuff, and drop him to the zombies
8. Choose one:
The ace
The queen
The joker
The king
The jack
9. An enemy army is advancing on your soldier's city. You have men on the walls, but they are severly outnumbered and don't stand a chance. What do you do?
Run away, leaving the others to die
Sell the information of the weak spots to the enemy
Fight to the end
Try to lighten the mood with some jokes
10. What would you wear?
A designer suit
Something practical
Something sexy
Something not suspicious
Something plain, yet funny
11. Aliens are invading the world, you pick a weapon at random. What do you choose?
Some extremely high-tech gun
Defect to the aliens' side
12. Did you enjoy this quiz?

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