What type of fruit are you most like

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Hi!!! I am Lidia and welcome to my Quiz!!! Have you ever wondered if you were a fruit, what would it be? Well, I got your back. Just take this quiz to find out!!!

I love fruit! It is sweet and healthy at the same time! Hopefully you like my quiz! Fun fact: the pic for pineapple is a decor pineapple!!!Anyway, Have Fun!!!

Created by: Lidia Michinessa

  1. Do you like Hawaii?
  2. Are you used to climbing trees
  3. Is an animal crossing pocket camp character named after your favorite fruit?
  4. Is Demi Lovato your role model?
  5. Do you love animals?
  6. Do you dream of being a pop star?
  7. Are you sleepy during the day sometimes
  8. Are you always playful?
  9. ...
  10. Sorry to do that, there is a 12 question minimum.
  11. Woof Woof!
  12. This is the last question: did you Like this quiz?

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Quiz topic: What type of fruit am I most like