What type of Bride are you?

Being a bride is a big job! From wedding invitations and flowers, to finding your dress and booking your dreamy honeymoon location. It's so much fun, but yet there's so much to think about and do.

What kind of bride are you? Have you been planning your wedding since you were 5, or are you just taking the whole process one step at a time? Take this quiz and find out your bridal-style!

Created by: Vanessa Joy of Vanessa Joy Photography
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1. What is your age?
Under 18 Years Old
18 to 24 Years Old
25 to 30 Years Old
31 to 40 Years Old
41 to 50 Years Old
51 to 60 Years Old
Over 60 Years Old
2. What is your gender?
3. You're engaged, congrats! What's your first step towards preparing for your wedding?
Ask the advise of family and friends.
Break out the wedding planning book you've been stashing ideas in since you were 5.
Start browsing celebrity weddings online to get some ideas.
Preparing? I'm just happy to be in love and engaged right now!
Pick up the latest copy of Martha Stewart weddings and get cracking on the save-the-dates,
4. So you've managed to make it to a bookstore and you're staring at about 50 bridal magazines. Which one do you pick up first?
Martha Stewart Weddings
Modern Bride
Elegant Bride
In Style Weddings
Contemporary Bride Magazine
5. Time for the bridesmaid's dresses! What is your idea of how your girls should look?
Same color dress, but different styles.
Same color, same style...preferably all in the same size.
Different colors, but the same style.
Each girl can pick out their own dress in a similar color theme (pastels, metallic, etc.)
6. Finally, its time to start your dress search! Where do you go for inspiration?
To the clips you've been saving in your wedding book since you were 5 of course!
Your local bridal shop
Your local fabric and patterns store
That Sex in the City scene where Carrie is modeling bridal dresses
7. Invitations, save-the-dates, ceremony programs and place cards can be done in so many ways! What's your selected route?
All made from scratch with the help of your inkjet and A.C. Moore
Google "Wedding invitations"
Searching stores and your collection of magazines for the perfectly intricate theme
Ask your wedding planner for the latest, chique paper-product trend
8. You and your future hubby are ready to create your registry. Which store is your man walking around in "shooting" you wish list items?
Bed Bath and Beyond
Macy's or Bloomingdales
No need for store searching, Target's online gift registry will do
Neiman Marcus and Tiffany & Co.
9. Time to select the music for your reception. What is the theme of the evening?
The party of the century!!!
Soft, classical music that'll set the mood for the candlelit reception
A good mix of the oldies but goodies along with some personally selected tunes
Classy dinner music followed by the latest hit songs right off the top of the Billboard Charts
10. Ahhh...the honeymoon. What is your idea of the perfect place to spend your first week of married life?
Somewhere exotic filled with culture, preferably off-resort
An all exclusive resort on an Caribbean Island
A European Tour - including the Fashion Capital of the World
A secluded location like a personal hut over the water in Bora Bora complete with rose petals spread over the bed and a bottle of Champagne with strawberries
11. You're home... you have your cake in the freezer, you have your photo album on its way...so what do you do with that dress??
Have it preserved along with the bouquet
Contact your photographer for an outrageous Trash-the-Dress session
Keep it around to do something with it later - daughter's christening dress, scrapbook of the wedding, dress up for fun with your daughter later in life, etc
Give it away to a charitable organization like Brides Against Breast Cancer
Keep it in the closet to try on every once in a while - after all, you did look amazing in it!!
12. You're ready to decide what type of wedding album you'd like. What type of book do you decide on?
A traditional matted album with a leather cover
A Magazine style album - trendy spread layouts, maybe with a metallic cover
An artsy canvas paper based book with a satin cover
A DVD of your images so you can print them up and create a scrapbook of your own complete with pressed flowers, invitation, wedding dress clipping and honeymoon memorabilia

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