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  • Shine

    Slithers4ever Jun 19 '18, 12:13PM
  • Shimmer!

    Hazel Charming Jun 15 '18, 11:31AM
  • That is a coincidence!

    Vampirina Jun 15 '18, 9:02AM
  • Nahal! Shimmer_ and Shine, what a coincidence! For all three of us!

    Nahal Jun 15 '18, 8:33AM
  • I'm Shine! Amazing quiz, sis!

    Shine Jun 10 '18, 7:26PM
  • Shimmer! My favorite!

    Daya Jun 2 '18, 7:40AM
  • zxc, do you mean me?

    Shimmer_ May 28 '18, 11:56AM
  • Girl-Am I pretty?
    Gi rl-Do you want to be with me forever?
    T he girl runs away with tears streaking down her face when the boy grabs her arm.
    Boy-Your not pretty, your beautiful! I don't want to be with you forever, I need to be with you forever. Please stay.
    Girl-I will.
    Publish this to 5 quizzes and your crush will love you starting at midnight. Forever.

    Pooooop May 27 '18, 2:04PM
  • im powerful ...............

    madameXYZ May 19 '18, 1:33AM
  • shoot i'm zeta

    madameXYZ May 18 '18, 7:21AM
  • Hey shimmer ;*
    Would u marry me?

    zxc May 9 '18, 1:18AM
  • I know!

    Shimmer_ Apr 3 '18, 5:09PM
  • It’s your quiz!

    Vampirina Mar 29 '18, 8:02AM
  • Yes! I’m Shimmer!

    Shimmer_ Feb 9 '18, 9:03AM
  • Yay! I'm Shine! She's my favorite!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Dovewing1 Jan 9 '18, 8:35PM

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