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  • Love this quiz, and besides, you got it exactly right! My fav season is fall!

    Dreamsingr Feb 25 '17, 5:13PM
  • You got it right! I love winter! Especially christmas

    Charlie Philips Feb 25 '17, 10:20AM
  • I'm 81 percent summer + 27 percent spring + 0 percent fall + 5 percent winter, probably because I always wear long sleeves and drink hot chocolate because I like making myself hot even in the summer and spring and fall, not just winter. And hot chocolate is CH0C0LATE and it's just good (sorry I use 0 instead of O)

    Summer: you are stylish, fun, and adventurus. weather its exploring a new mall or hiking in the forest summer is so for you. sorry if im wrong, this is my first quiz.
    Spring: you are sweet, creative, and fun. you like spring because spring has many colors and flowers. i hope you like spring for real because this is my first quiz and i dont know if im good

    You're so right! Stop saying those things this is the best quiz in the world! I'm not even kidding, plus that's why I clicked on this because I knew...it would be just awesome and I was right... sorry I'm such a jabber-mouth. :(

    AnimalAveril Feb 19 '17, 11:58AM
  • I'm summer! That's actually my favorite season but I'm born in spring. April to be excact. That's why my name is Averil it's French for April. My real name I mean my internet name is Averil SquirrelGirl but I couldn't fit that as my username so I did a random one, I do Averilcat for anything I can't fit my internet name, how do I change my username?

    Anyway s, the point is I should've been born in summer because I'm born in spring but it's my favorite plus your awesome quiz said so. I can't believe this is your first quiz it's amazing!

    AnimalAveril Feb 19 '17, 11:49AM
  • Your Result: fall 80%
    you are fun, kind, and love the feel of the wind blowing through your hair(if you are a girl). you think jumping in leaves is really fun. i hope you like fall if you dont sorry

    Fall is actually my favorite season!!!

    LoserLoner Feb 12 '17, 2:37PM

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