What's Your Potato Chip Flavor?

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Do you like potato chips? Are potato chips your favorite snack? Well, this one is a personality quiz. You can take this quiz and find out what personality flavor you are in minutes!

This is one of the quizzes that has absolutely no meaning. Once you've finished, the secret to the universe will be revealed...close to life changing. Right?

Created by: Spas12
1. What is your age?
Under 18 Years Old
18 to 24 Years Old
25 to 30 Years Old
31 to 40 Years Old
41 to 50 Years Old
51 to 60 Years Old
Over 60 Years Old
2. What is your gender?
3. What is the most stressful thing about high school?
Dealing with all the drama
Finding time for school and sports
Being a virgin when it seemed like nobody else was
Nobody really understood me
4. What kind of movies do you watch?
Family friendly
5. What's your ideal place for a romantic date?
Art show
Laser tag
Football/Baseball game
6. What's your choice of beverage?
Bottle of water
Apple cider
Red Bull/Gatorade
Hot chocolate
7. What's your favorite holiday?
New Year's Day
April Fools' Day
Valentine's Day
8. Do you have lots of friends?
Some friends and some acquaintances.
Tons! We have a blast.
Of course I do, I'm pretty popular, you know.
Yes, and they're all "best" friends. I love them all.
Just a few close friends.
I hang out with a big group, but I'm only really close with a few.
9. From the list below, choose your favorite game.
Truth or Dare
10. When you've had a long day, what do you do to relax?
Read your favorite book
Round up a big group of friends and go out
Go for a run
Call up your sweetheart
Some quiet alone-time does the trick
Chill out at home with a movie and maybe a few friends
11. You're driving around with a group of friends and have gotten lost in a neighborhood you've never been to before. What do you do?
Grab a map and figure out the directions
Light up the mood with a joke
Tell everyone to be quiet and give directions to the driver
Tell everyone you're worried you'll be late and things don't look good
Keep pretty much quiet while the others work it out
Help out where you can
12. What's in your journal?
Thoughts on politics, the world, the universe, etc.
Funny things that happened, jokes.
My hopes for the future.
Detailed descriptions of how I feel, who I love, etc.
Stuff I don't share with others.
I don't keep a journal.
13. You're at a park and see a little kid fall and start crying, her parents didn't see. What do you do?
Trip and fall in front of the kid to make her laugh.
Rush to the child, yelling, "Oh no! Are you hurt?"
Wait to see if the parents notice.
Approach the parents and admonish them for not paying attention.
Let the parents handle it, it's not my responsibility.
The kid will be fine, kids fall down all the time.
14. You think a date went well if...
You talked about a lot of things.
You laughed a lot.
You got their number and planned the next date.
You felt your stomach flip!
You made it through without embarrassing yourself.
You never really know, do you?
15. Which of these best describes your bedroom?
Pretty neat, though my desk is messy, I have a NICE computer.
Messy, tons of posters and food everywhere.
Coordinated and well-put together.
I have pictures of friends and crushes all over the walls.
Very clean even though I spend a lot of time there.
A bed, a dresser...it looks like a bedroom.
16. Which of these do you value most?
17. You consider YOUR birthday...
the day I was born.
a day to get crazy!
a day to be the center of attention.
a huge milestone.
not a big deal really.
just another day.
18. You consider other people's birthdays...
something to remember.
a day to celebrate.
a time to plan a party for them.
a really important, special day.
only really important, if it's a good friend or family member.
an obligation.
19. Two close friends are in a fight, what do you do?
Have them sit down and talk it out
Lighten up the mood by making them laugh
Choose a side
Become upset, and feel pressure to pick a side
I'm not really sure what to do
They'll have to work it out
20. You have to write a research paper, what's your strategy?
Start right away, this could be interesting!
Blow it off for a few days and hope there's not a pop quiz.
Figure out what the teacher is looking for so you can impress him.
Whine and complain...you hate papers!
I'll probably finish it pretty fast, I don't have much planned.
Plan ahead, write a little each day.
21. If you knew you'd die tomorrow, how would you spend your last day?
Learning as much about the world as possible
Having as much fun as possible
Fulfilling a lifelong dream
Crying a lot probably
Spending time with loved ones
Making sure your will is written and your funeral is planned
22. You make plans with a friend and they cancel on you, what do you do?
Ask them why.
Make fun of them and then call up someone else.
Go out and try to have MORE fun than you would have had with them.
Feel hurt because you were looking forward to tonight.
No problem, you kinda wanted to stay home anyway.
Whatever, things happen, plans get cancelled.
23. What sort of TV do you prefer to watch?
Independent shows
Slapstick comedy
Spy thrillers
Historical biopics
I don't have a preference
24. When you daydream, you most often find yourself thinking about...
Living luxuriously
Being the coolest person at my school
Partying with friends
Getting frisky with my dream hottie
Relaxing on a nice beach
Eating something I'm craving, like bacon
25. How far ahead have you planned your life?
I've pretty much figured out the next year.
I live in the moment.
I have a strategic five-year plan for success.
I daydream years into the future, but no real plans.
I have plans but know they could change at any moment.
I try to adjust my plans often based on new information.
26. How would you describe your personality?

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