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  • Panther! Yes! I love felines!

    Bubbleisha Mar 6 '18, 9:29PM
  • What's your Patronus?
    Your Result: Your Patrnous is a Wolf!

    You work best in a close support group and are fiercely loyal to those you love. You are unbeatable in a group and incredibly strong even alone due to your cunning at getting the job done.

    52%Your Patronus is a Dolphin!

    51%Your Patronus is a Panther!

    47%Your Patronus is an Iguana!

    44%Your Patronus is a Hedgehog!

    37%Your Patronus is a Hawk!

    33%Your Patronus is a Badger

    22%Your Patronus is a Fox!
    I can definitely see myself casting a wolf out of my wand....and scaring the crap out of my friends.

    angelpuppy725 Oct 29 '17, 4:36PM
  • What's your Patronus?
    Your Result: Your Patronus is a Hawk! (82%)
    Few people can miss the grace with which you carry yourself. Your intellegence is incredibly refined. Seldom do you back down from a bad situation as you are a fearless problem solver.

    Your Patronus is a Panther! (73%)

    Your Patronus is a Badger! (58%)

    Your Patronus is a Hedgehog! (57%)

    Your Patrnous is a Wolf! (55%)

    Your Patronus is a Dolphin! (46%)

    Your Patronus is a Fox! (45%)

    Your Patronus is an Iguana! (31%)


    Luna_the_Lost Aug 30 '17, 4:16PM
  • Wolf. :) fun quiz!

    annafrozen12 Jul 21 '16, 11:26PM
  • Hawk, almost wolf

    LokiCat Jun 6 '16, 2:08PM
  • hawk but who is patronus was a hawk??

    isoo Jun 3 '16, 1:35PM
  • Great, I got hedgehog for my Patronus.

    Fairytalea May 8 '16, 10:21AM

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