What's the best cube store for you?

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Hey guys! This quiz is to help decide for you what cube stores are the best. This compares Cubicle, Speedcubeshop, Cube Depot, Lightake, and Amazon. This will tailor your options to fit for you.

I base these ratings off of their office, shipping, prices, variety, and assorted things, such as magnets, prenium cubes, and other extras such as lube and spare parts.

Created by: Samuel of goo.gl/JBMXY7
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  1. Would you rather have fast shipping and bad prices, or slow shipping and good prices?
  2. Do you want a rewards program for incentives?
  3. Do you like local businesses?
  4. Do your have amazon prime?
  5. How often do you buy things?
  6. Do your parents let you buy off of websites that they've never heard of?
  7. Do you care about premium cubes?
  8. Would you buy lube?
  9. Do you think Asians are talented?
  10. What would you do if somebody tried to stab you with a pyraminx?

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