what rank would you be in a wolf pack

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a rank is not how good you are as a person but how strong and brave you are. do you qualify for alpha, or are you just a regular wolf omega wolf, take this quiz to find out

would you like to find out wether you have the strangth of alpha, the cuteness of a pup, the kindnes of beta, the completnes of midell rank or the subissuvness of omega

Created by: amazon
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1. What is your age?
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18 to 24 Years Old
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Over 60 Years Old
2. What is your gender?
3. you wake up in the morning, what do you want to do?
go hunting
take a morning run with the pack
take care of the pups
wander of and explore
4. it is time to hunt, what will be your part in the hunt?
i tell the others what to do, sircl the pray, and bite
i help the alphas hunt, biting when they say to
i help, doing what the others tell me to
well, to tell you the truth,i do not go on the hunt
i do what ever the others tell me to
5. it is time to eat, when do you eat?
i wait till i am fed warm meat
i help the alphas, keeping every one in there right place
i make shure every one eats in the right order
i eat and fight with the others about when to eat
i usualy eat last
6. a stranger wolf wanders in to your teratory,what do you do?
hide in the den
tell the alpha
fight the wolf
help fight the wolf
if it is nice, let it join the pack, if it is mean, send it away
i do not know
7. time to howl, how do you howl?
hi pitched yips, joined in with the pack
deep howl, this is my terrotory
i will just howl, i dont care how
low and soft, i am gentil and sweet
i dont want to be to lowed, i will howl cwietly
8. now it is time to relax in the den, where do you sleep?
on a mossy place in the den, the mosed comfterble place
where ever there is room
nexed to mommy
where ever i feel like sleeping
i dont know
i sleep nexed to the alpha
9. someone is triying to take your place in the den, what do you do?
move out of the way
growl and stay put
go where ever someone puts me
growl but move
if i feel like being nice, move
10. it is time to play, what do you play with?
other pack members
bones from your latest kill
what ever is arond
i would rather fight then play
it would depend on my mood
11. what is your favoret thing to do?
all of the above
none of the above
12. did you like this quiz?
i loved it
i liked it
it was fine
it was ok
not great
i did NOT like it

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