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  • I got White and I'm not White.

    jojowolf43 Jul 12 '18, 3:13PM
  • Yep I got Asian and it's correct.

    Loki101 Jun 18 '18, 1:39AM
  • It says I'm black when I'm actually hispanic

    Wassap May 27 '18, 2:23PM
  • It says I'm black. Love it.

    Drlove6191 Apr 1 '18, 11:21AM
  • Asian. You're right, I am

    Zoefaustino Apr 14 '16, 10:16AM
  • Asian. Maybe it's true..

    ThatNotoriusKid Dec 2 '15, 6:45AM
  • Asian...correct

    Etini Nov 11 '15, 10:23AM
  • This quiz is usless. I don't listen to any types of the musics on there. I listen to Classical and I like my hair kinda of 1945 European 18 year old. Also I was not descibed in any of the ways that where available in school. These are not even Races anyways. I was thinking like Slovac, Aryan, or Arab

    PureSurge May 31 '15, 1:58PM
  • Yeah this is a bit racist, but some how I agree with the result (even though I am married to a black woman right now).

    GoldSonya Jan 15 '15, 8:10PM
  • well I am white.

    moviegirl Jul 17 '14, 7:22PM
  • inaccurate. i agree w/aszand_58, very steriotypical

    bubblz Feb 14 '08, 7:24PM
  • totally disagree w/ this quiz

    tnew78 Feb 13 '08, 5:59PM
  • hmm

    awesomegirl Feb 7 '08, 9:20PM
  • this is a little racist...i have to agree. it's very steriotyplical as well...

    aszand_58 Feb 2 '08, 6:28PM
  • ...racist...

    Leon Feb 2 '08, 8:52AM

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