What Metal type are you?

Do you want to find out which metal you are? Which genre of metal do you fit into? Well you can find out in this large test. It ranges from all the broad genres to satisfy your own needs, or discover what you enjoy. Let your friends take it and compare!

All the questions are aimed at specifically defining which type of metal you are or enjoy the most. They are a derivative of all the sentiments carried within all the sub-genres, so you should be able to accurately find out which one you are!

Created by: Lolex
1. What is your age?
Under 18 Years Old
18 to 24 Years Old
25 to 30 Years Old
31 to 40 Years Old
41 to 50 Years Old
51 to 60 Years Old
Over 60 Years Old
2. What is your gender?
3. First off, do you like Metal?
4. What is your general mood most of the time?
Extreme Hatred
5. Do your parents know the music you listen to?
Yes, all of it
No... I conceal it all
Some stuff... not all though
I only show them what I feel like
I'm not allowed to listen to Metal, but I do it secretly
I'm not allowed to listen to Metal at all
6. Do you enjoy classic bands from the 70's?
Only the extreme ones
7. If you started on Metallica...
You wanted heavier music eventually
You needed something faster and happier
You went to Megadeth
Was too easy to play at first. You wanted something harder...
I did not start on Metallica, I started on something more brutal
I think St. Anger is a good album
8. Do you play an instrument?
Guitar, Bass or Drums
Vocals (Clean)
Vocals (Harsh)
I play another instrument
I don't play anything
9. Which of the following is most appealing to you?
Flying with dragons
Burning down a church without getting caught
Watching someone die
Showing everyone at work how metal you are
Listening to Slipknot
Being angsty most of the time
10. What is your opinion on the vocals of a song?
The harsher the better
The deeper the better
The raspier the better
The nicer the better
I enjoy instruments over vocals
11. Religion?
I enjoy religion
I do not embrace or reject it
I would kill a priest if it was legal
12. If you had to choose over Dave Mustaine and James Hetfield
I do not know who these people are
13. Are you first wave or second wave of black metal? First, example: Venom Second, example: Mayhem
More first wave, some second wave
More second wave, some first wave
All first wave, none second
All second wave, none first
14. Do you listen to DragonForce?
15. Have you ever had dreams of killing someone...
In a violent, painful way?
With Satan?
I never wanted to kill anyone
I will kill anyone not metal
16. Do you associate the pentagram with:
Black Metal
Whats a pentagram?
17. Do you like epic metal (Like Kamelot, Epica)?
18. When you hear a solo
The heavier it sounds, the better it is
The faster it is, the better it is
The more insane to copy it is, the ideal solo has been made
I do not like solos.
19. Stance on nu metal?
I enjoy it
Does not bother me
I despise it
20. Do you control a band?
Yes a full fledged band (3-4+ members)
Only one member, we mess around with some stuff but aren't serious
I play only on my own until I will be amazing
I don't like bands. I take up all instruments!
I wanted to do it once...
21. Do you like weird time signatures?
22. Is your idea of metal Linkin Park?
23. Did you take music in High School/College/University?
They won't like the harsh music I play
24. Do you like grindcore?
25. Which concert from the following genre would you not attend?
Power Metal
Heavy/Thrash Metal
Prog/Tech Metal
Nu Metal
Death/Black Metal
I would attend anything above...
26. What do you think of Thrash?
Really really enjoyable
I like listening to it
Its ok
I do not like it
27. What do you think of Death Metal?
My kind of music!
The vocals don't bother me
I can deal with it
I cannot stand it
28. Are you tr00 kvlt (Honestly)?
Very much so
Not really
I dont know what that means.
29. If you included symphony, which genre would you feel it is best used in?
Power Metal
Black Metal
Death Metal
Nu Metal
Thrash Metal
Nothing, it should be kept out of metal...
30. Do you enjoy classic rock?
I hate it
31. Part 1: Are any of the following genres here your favorite (See next question for paired section 2)
Black Metal
Death Metal
Thrash Metal
Power Metal
None of the above
My choice is in the next question
32. Part 2: Are any of the following genres here your favorite (See next last question for paired section 1)
Nu Metal
Heavy Metal
Progressive/Technical Metal
Mine was in the last question
Something not listed here

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