What makes you a good friend? (for girls)

It doesn't matter if you have one or one hundred friends. Theres a reason they like you. Every one has a quality that every one likes. It might be that your a good listener, or just a lot of fun.

Ever wondered what your best friendship quality is? Are you the good listener, or do you know how to make people laugh? Take this quiz and find out.

Created by: kandyce6
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3. Your friend's been in a terrible mood all day. What do you do?
Go to her house with a pizza and some movies.
Call her on the phone and get her to tell you what's wrong. You know she'll feel better after talking.
Plan a huge party on friday. All her friends will be there. It'll be a blast.
E-mail her a funny card guaranteed to make her smile.
Give her space, she's just having a bad day, and probably doesn't want me in her buisness.
4. The boy you've had a crush on forever asked you out!! You spend hours on your hair and make up, and even longer picking out an outfit when your friend calls crying and begs you to come over as soon as possible. What do you decide to do?
As much as it hurts, you tell your date some other time. Friends come first.
Well, Iyou told my date Iyou'd be a LITTLE late, but you got caught up talking to your friend and ended up being a few HOURS late.
Suggest she go on a double date with you and your date and then spend the night at her house.
Go on your date, but text her the whole time.
5. Your friend wants you to spend the night at her house, and her boyfriend just broke up with her. You know this is not going to be a fun night. What do you do?
Come with the funniest movies and board games and movies you can find. Maybe it'll get her mind off things.
Come ready to listen, she's going to have a lot to say.
Come with popcorn, music, and games. This will not be a night full of tears if you can help it.
Just one night? When your friend goes through a tough breakup, you spend at least the whole weekend together.
Tell her your sick and can't come.
6. Your friend gets a really bad haircut. What do you do?
Go to her house and help her find cute ways to style it.
Let her borrow your favorite hat. She needs it more than you do.
Get your hair cut the same way as hers. It'll grow back, and she's really upset.
Keep telling her how nice it looks.
7. Your friend borrows your favorite earrings, and loses them. How do you react?
Stay calm. Listen to her explanation. Forgive and forget.
You lose your temper, but then apologize over and over again. Those earrings only cost a couple of bucks.
Keep telling her it's no big deal, then make a joke about it.
It's fine, I've lost more than one of her earrings.
Make her buy you new ones.
8. Your friend's parents are going through a divorce, what do you do?
Go over to her house every single day, just to be with her.
Listen to her talk, or sometimes just sit with her.
Try to get her mind off it, who would want to think about that all the time?
Take her to the mall, the beach, and anywhere else to distract her.
9. What do you think your best quality is?
I try to make people laugh, and I think it works.
People tell me I'm a good listener.
I think I'm fun to be around.
I always put friends first.
I don't know. That's why I'm taking this quiz.
10. What is you and your friend's favorite thing to do together?
You just like to talk. You could do that FOREVER.
You like to talk her into doing, embarrissing, but totally fun things.
You like doing things you'll be able to look back and laugh on later.
It doesn't matter what your doing. You just enjoy each others company.
11. How many friends do you have?
Not alot, I'm kind of shy.
I hang out with a lot of people, but if I needed help, I can only see three or four being there.
A lot. I become friends with almost every one I meet.
I have a lot of friend, but one or two that stand out.
12. Do you have a best friend?
Yes, but I hang out with a lot of other people two.
I had one when I was in preschool. Now I'm friends with pretty much the whole school.
I have one or two people you could call my "best friends".

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