What Magicial Race are You?

In the world of Arkeis, there are ten realms, ten races, and ten elements. Each realm has an assigned element, depending on what it's resources are. If the area is cold and wet, it's be the Water Realm. If it's green and full of plantlife, it's the Earth Realm. Every realm has there own element, and so does the races that live in the realms. Each race had their own personality to them.

Which Magicial Race are YOU? A kind-hearted Earth Elemental, or a sneaky Demon? An average, determinded Human, or an energetic Neko? Take this quiz and you'll know what Magicial Race you are!

Created by: amazon
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3. You're sitting in the park, and suddenly you spotted a woman that had dropped something. You look over at what she had dropped. A crisp $20! What do you do?
Pocket it. I call it good luck.
Stare at it, then look around for any witnesses, then take it.
Act like you saw nothing, and walk away. It's not like you need that $20.
Pick it up without hestitation, then call after the woman.
Pick it up, then follow the woman home so you can stuff it in her mailbox.
Watch it from a destitance, and wait to see what someone else would do.
4. You and your best friend were dared to stay in an abandoned house overnight. Your best friend is freaking out and wants to go home after two hours in the house. What do you do?
Ignore her/him. You'd never lose a bet.
Comfort her/him. If s/he wants to go home, they'll go home.
Tell her/him to just leave if s/he is afraid. You're fine in the house alone.
Tell her/him that there is nothing to be afraid of.
Play games with her/him to calm her/him down. It's best to take your mind off the spookiness.
Leave with her/him. You're both scared, anyways!
5. Let's say you can have any animal (on the list) that you can keep as a pet! Which one would be your pet?
A white horse. Elegant, and graceful.
A black raven. Chaotic, but beautiful.
A dangerous snake. Evil, and clever.
A wolf pup. Cute, but very dangerous.
A cat. Adorable, and wild.
An eagle. Dependable, and a great hunter.
6. It's a hot summer day. And you're thirsty! What's the most likely thing you'd drink?
Water. It's good for you.
Lemonade. It's lemons, sugar and water all in one!
Milk. It makes your bones stronger.
Soda Pop. Who needs a healthy drink when you can be just as energizied off of caffiene?
Beer. Just a sip or two!
Nothing. If you can't stand the heat, get out of the kitchen!
7. You've got a piece of paper in front of you, and a pencil in hand. What do you do?
Doodle while listening to music.
Write a To-Do-List.
Sketch something close to you. Like a vase, or a milk carton.
Crumple up the paper and stuff it in your mouth. Mmm...paper.
Attempt at drawing, but throw it away after a few minutes. You're no artist!
Stare into space. What am I doing here..?
8. You wake up one morning in horrible pain. What do you do?
Go back to sleep.
Call the doctor.
Take a shower.
Stretch and work out.
Deal with it.
Groan and Moan about it all day long.
9. What really annoys you?
Those happy, romantic couples making out everywhere.
That guy who takes the longest time in the bathroom.
That girl who wears tight, flashy clothes to school and never gets in trouble.
The "all-blondes-are-stupid" stereotype.
People who are taller/shorter than you.
Nothing reallys annoys me...
10. What color would most likely fit your mood right now?
Red - I'm very exicted and energized today!
Orange - I'm feeling smart today, very daring and ready to put my brain-power to good use.
Green - I'm in my average mood, I'm active and not under any stress.
Blue - I'm relaxed, calmed, and comfortable.
Dark Blue - I'm very happy today! I'm in an romantic mood, and I have a sudden urge to get up and dance right now.
Pink - A little nervous, today, and I'm thinking about some things I'm uncertain of. Like this quiz.
11. If you could have any super power, what power would you want?
Invisiblity. No one can find me anymore!
Flight. I'm free and not-afraid of heights!
Telekineses. To move things with your mind means you're smart.
Open portals. I can go to China for lunch, and to Brazil for dinner!
Make clones of myself. My clone can be at school/work while I stay home and sleep.
Super-Strength. Chores will actually be...fun...for once!
12. The quiz is almost over. After this question, what are you going to do?
Read my answer, then smile. At least I made it through the quiz.
Read my answer and think about it.
Read my answer and shrug. Can I go back to my own things, now?
Barely read my answer. It's just a stupid quiz. It's not going to change my life.
Barely read my answer. That was a waste of my time.
Don't read my answer at all. Who cares?

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