What Kind Of Pro Footballer Are You?

Football is the beautiful game played by millions... but their are many types of footballers, all trying to score and attain goals in their various forms.

What kind of professional footballer are you or would you be? See what this quiz has to say about it, it will only take a minute or so. Hope you have fun or at least find it interesting.

Created by: Azif Ucan

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  1. Are you a team player or a me me player?
  2. Do you dive?
  3. Do you blame the referee when your team loses?
  4. Would you stay at your local club or move for the big bucks and a chance to play in the BIG competitions?
  5. Are you left or right footed when it comes to kicking a football?
  6. How do you treat football fans?
  7. How do you use your wages?
  8. If you were subbed off when you felt you were playing well, how would you react?
  9. Would you try to intimidate a referee's assistant if he/she was making decisions you didn't agree with?
  10. How much effort do you put into playing football?

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Quiz topic: What Kind Of Pro Footballer am I?