What kind of drinker you are?

Life is a big unknown. How many times we asked ourselves: What ind of drinker I am? What vodka I like to drink? Which glass my heart belongs to? What cocktail is my favorite? Until now, these questions were unanswered, but thanks to the new vodka called Silk Vodka, we can find the answers to all these haunting us questions.

Take this short quiz and the arcana of alcove will be revealed to you. In just few short minutes you will find out whether you are Silky Cool Geek, Party Animal, Wild Creative Soul or maybe you are Romantic Spirit?

Created by: Silk Vodka
1. What is your age?
Under 18 Years Old
18 to 24 Years Old
25 to 30 Years Old
31 to 40 Years Old
41 to 50 Years Old
51 to 60 Years Old
Over 60 Years Old
2. What is your gender?
3. What is your favorite pick up line?
Are you from Tennessee cuz you are the only 10 I see?
Did it hurt when you felt from heaven?
I gotta get a library card cuz I am checking you out!
Were you raised on the farm cuz you definitely know how to raise a cock?
4. If one day you ended up on a deserted island and fairly give you only one drink, what that would be:
Silk Devil Martini
Silk Brown Chocolate
Silk Cosmo
Silk Shooter
5. Imagine this scenario.One day you are coming to work and you learn that there was a fire that destroyed your office. You are getting a WEEK off work. You:
Buy Silk Vodka, bring canned food, gallons of water you store in the basement in case of the nuclear attack, seal windows with tape duct, drop the curtain, cover your head with your favorite comforter and do not let anything and anyone wake you up from th
Go on a cross-country road trip to California with your old beat up truck with the case of Silk Vodka in the trunk, showing the middle finger to Hells Angels who cut you of off the road.
Go to the library and study philosophy of Ancient Greek sipping delicately Silk Vodka from your hidden-under-the-desk flask.
Check every Silk Vodka event in your area and spending time with beautiful ladies.
6. Should we invite Paris Hilton to one of our Silk Parties?
Oh yes - I will party will her.
No, cuz she cannot read.
Yes, so I will take her after party with me on the cruise.
Maybe next century.
7. You are offered 10,000 dollars for winning a fight with one celebrity. Who would you pick?
Donald Trump
Rosie ODonnel
Ann Coultier
OJ Simpson
8. PETA needs your help. They ask you to foster an animal for a period of one week and they give you following choices. Which one would you pick:
A vampire bat
A kinkajou
Baby leopard
Surinam Toad (frog)
9. Your loved one asks you to join the annual event that her or his company hosts. You went there last year and could not wait for it to be over. So this year:
You have a sudden air allergy and just have to stay in bed until it goes away.
Put that apron on, cook the best meal you can ever make, make Silk Tini and hope that your loved one will forget about the event and stay home with you.
You take a wide-smile mask from the closet, put it on and hope you will not loose it until the end of evening.
Make a Silky Red Bull, open the window and fly away.
10. You have heard people talking about the Silk Event in your area. Then you have heard it mentioned in the radio. Then, you open up your local newspaper and you read about it. You are intrigued, so you decide:
Call up all your cool friends, get all dressed up and go.
You suffer from demophobia. You go to event but peek through the window and when you see place totally packed, you start to shake and decide to wait till it gets less crowded (you have a sleeping bag with you).
You are getting so excited that you go before the even starts and try to help out.
You are very tempted, but you have a work assignment to turn next morning and you want to get a raise so you are in emotional pain all evening.
11. Imagine that you are lucky winner of a Silk Vodka Trip (check our future newsletters, you may be surprised it just may happen to you) to one of the places.
Los Angeles
New York
Washington DC
12. Your loved one just broke up with you so you decide to cheer yourself up a bit. You make a Silk Vodka drink, plug ipod in to you speaker and pick a song that will be:
I Will Always Love You - by Whitney Houston
Born to be Wild - by Steppenwolf
Crazy B---- - by Buckcherry
Genius of Love - by Talking Heads

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