what kind of cat r u

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I love warrior cats so i diceded to make a quiz fun fun fun wazzup u will like it i am lazy so i no like this part wwwwhhhhhhhhyyyyyyyy rrrrr uuuuu aaaa mmmeeeaann site

I hope u like my quiz I will make a better one soon fun fun fun fun fun water water ahhhhhhhhhh need water im an cat blah i dont like writing wwwwhhhhhyyy

Created by: hayley

  1. do u want to be a med cat
  2. who is your favorite leader
  3. are u a killer
  4. would u want to be a leader a med cat a rouge a warrior a queen or a elder
  5. are u male or female
  6. a cat from another clan loves u what do u do
  7. a killer is in love with u what do u do
  8. what would u like as a name
  9. would u be deputy and try to kill ur leader
  10. what is ur fur coler

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