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  • i have 81% of lukemia

    hayleyx May 16 '16, 3:27PM
  • I just had a dream that I was diagnosed with brain cancer and leukemia and my results were 90% brain cancer 88% leukemia which is actually terrifying. How do I tell my mom?(I'm 15)

    daronamo Jan 30 '16, 12:26PM
  • it gave me a score and i read the describtion and it wasnt what i answered so i took it again, put the same answers in, and i got different results. the describtion was still not what i answered

    whatwhet Jan 3 '16, 7:34PM
  • It says brain cancer. Im 13 years old.

    hello1423 Dec 27 '15, 12:44AM
  • It says I have 92 percent bone cancer. how much longer do i have to live plz reply so scared should i tell my family

    cancerpatient12 Nov 9 '15, 2:01PM
  • 92% brain cancer I'm 12

    Lol_itsme Jul 29 '15, 1:25PM
  • 92% brain cancer I'm 12

    Lol_itsme Jul 29 '15, 1:24PM

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