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  • Result: Bass/Baritone

    Im a mix of both, Im a bassitone

    huexx May 13 '16, 11:15PM
  • How was alto/contralto my highest and soprano my second highest?

    KilljoyRainbow Apr 5 '16, 6:40AM
  • Well it called me a Baritone because I can hit an F2. I am a Tenor. I can comfortably belt the notes to prove it, also Passaggio is what determines type. If you are looking to find your voice classification, go off passaggio, not this.

    sdfdf Jan 2 '16, 9:16PM
  • Mezzo-Soprano
    Blurb so true!

    beamiller1fan Dec 20 '15, 4:32PM
  • im a bass but I can hit whistle notes and my whistle register starts from D6 up to B6 ( sometimes i can hit the E7 in emotions) so what does tha make me? an alien?

    john adrian Jun 27 '15, 3:22AM
  • Wait... I am a mezzo soprano then there is somewhat "Best both of worlds?' What does it means?

    Dreamer432 May 15 '15, 12:34AM
  • I am a mezzo soprano... and I think it's true...

    So yeah... 72 percent - is mezzo soprano and 70 percent is soprano... very near

    Dreamer432 May 15 '15, 12:32AM
  • What is your vocal range?
    Your Result: Mezzo-soprano

    You sing a little lower than a soprano, and typically with a fuller richer sound, but still higher than an alto, so you can hit some high notes and some low notes. Best of both worlds.
    ^~^ true.

    The Red Rose Apr 22 '15, 8:06PM
  • I got 90% alto/contralto. My lowest note I can hit is an E2 (sometimes a D2, depending an the day), and the highest note I can hit without my voice cracking is an F4. But I prefer lower notes over the higher ones.

    DaughterOfApollo Mar 28 '15, 2:58PM
  • My results was a Soprano, but I prefer to use my middle more than highest because I can go from mezzo to soprano and a little lower but I believe any singer can sing anything as long as they practice that is what my vocal coach has said to me to always do. Breath and pro ject!

    dlwatts Nov 3 '14, 2:13AM
  • lol, im everywhere. im a girl but I go from B2 - B5 so three octaves and I sing very high xD

    envy101fmaxD Oct 6 '14, 11:36AM
  • I'm a mezzo soprano... yeah that's a true.. i can reach higher notes but not so high.. I can also sing in lower notes..

    ranz24 Aug 12 '14, 8:53AM
  • Your Result: Alto/Contralto

    The lowest and rarest female voice. Because they're so uncommon, altos and contraltos are very desirable in classical music because they fill a gap singing notes that other voices can't manage to reach. They're also very desirable in pop music because they're so unique.

    EvaTheHybrid Apr 26 '14, 11:25AM
  • What is your vocal range?
    Your Result: Mezzo-soprano

    You sing a little lower than a soprano, and typically with a fuller richer sound, but still higher than an alto, so you can hit some high notes and some low notes. Best of both worlds.

    Well that was accurate as f--- XD

    StormSong Apr 25 '14, 9:59PM
  • I got contralto! Didn't realize that was rare though. It's hard to find any info on it, so I can't be sure how accurate this is. I don't have chorus as an elective, so what can I do..

    ilyLPHU3DG Apr 25 '14, 9:12PM
  • soparano which I already know is my range

    koalabear1 Apr 25 '14, 11:04AM
  • Baritone. Say what!

    Vira Dash Apr 25 '14, 5:02AM
  • Mezzo-saprono. Yeah, that sounds a bit right. (: Good quiz.

    BTRfreak Apr 25 '14, 12:48AM
  • Mezzo-soprano. Yep that's pretty accurate. Good quiz! :)

    AwesomelyAwesome Apr 24 '14, 11:24PM
  • 88% tenor! I don't know what this means, but I guess is not a bad thing

    Dramion Apr 24 '14, 10:10PM
  • I got soprano, which is true. I'm a coloraturasoubrette soprano. G3-F#6. I have been taking vocal lessons for three years now, and I'm currently learning "Poor Wand'ring One" from Gilbert & Sullivan's The Pirates of Penzance.
    By the way, soprano is not the most common female voice type. Mezzo-soprano or belter soprano is the first most common female voice type, soprano is the second most common, and the contralto voice type is the rarest female voice type.
    Idina Menzel, Barbara Streisand, Angela Lansbury, and Lea Michele would be perfect examples of mezzo-sopranos.
    Sa rah Brightman, Lucia Popp, Kathleen Battle, Kristen Chenoweth, and Barbara Bonney would be great examples of sopranos.
    Contralt os are the lowest and rarest female voice are very rare, but Adele, the deceased singer Amy Winehouse, and P!nk would be considered contraltos.

    Gch1995 Mar 23 '14, 1:23AM
  • Mezzo soprano

    Donotdisturb Mar 20 '14, 10:54PM

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