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  • Result: Bass/Baritone

    Im a mix of both, Im a bassitone

    huexx May 13 '16, 11:15PM
  • How was alto/contralto my highest and soprano my second highest?

    KilljoyRainbow Apr 5 '16, 6:40AM
  • Well it called me a Baritone because I can hit an F2. I am a Tenor. I can comfortably belt the notes to prove it, also Passaggio is what determines type. If you are looking to find your voice classification, go off passaggio, not this.

    sdfdf Jan 2 '16, 9:16PM
  • Mezzo-Soprano
    Blurb so true!

    beamiller1fan Dec 20 '15, 4:32PM
  • im a bass but I can hit whistle notes and my whistle register starts from D6 up to B6 ( sometimes i can hit the E7 in emotions) so what does tha make me? an alien?

    john adrian Jun 27 '15, 3:22AM
  • Wait... I am a mezzo soprano then there is somewhat "Best both of worlds?' What does it means?

    Dreamer432 May 15 '15, 12:34AM
  • I am a mezzo soprano... and I think it's true...

    So yeah... 72 percent - is mezzo soprano and 70 percent is soprano... very near

    Dreamer432 May 15 '15, 12:32AM

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