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  • @kurky
    they get good pay bro. You got a bright future ahead of yuh my doo.
    yeeehaaaaw buttcrack LOL

    JOEYCHEATERS Nov 27 '16, 12:34AM
  • ima be an toilet cleaner YEEEEEEEEHAAAAAW buttcrack

    kurky Jun 15 '16, 2:12PM


    JOEYCHEATERS May 11 '16, 10:12AM
  • It said that I will be a good leader of Germany,and I would kill millions in the future,and commit suicide because of some gas bill whatever that is.

    JOEYCHEATERS May 11 '16, 10:10AM
  • That's totally who I'm I love english n love to tell stories I got actress in me

    tyra Mar 13 '16, 9:54AM
  • Like so true that got to be me I love english n I love to tell stories

    tyra Mar 13 '16, 9:52AM
  • TEACHER!!!!!
    i wanted to be a docter

    diwa Jan 19 '16, 3:16PM
  • :-O teacher
    i hate it

    bema Dec 18 '15, 9:00PM
  • a social worker

    portia Nov 16 '15, 11:43AM
  • Doctor

    I am cool Oct 27 '15, 12:38PM
  • I am Not happy with a teacher that's like the worst job! looool

    Hazzer555 Jul 10 '15, 6:54AM
  • a social worker seriously!!!! it says that i had a rough life growing up, I DIDNT!!!!!

    crazyqq Aug 20 '14, 8:49PM
  • OMG am going to be an actress or a social worker or a footballer actually skip that ewwww thats kind a guy thing maybe a teacher o i cant decide am only a teenager ugh

    Lexi h20 Mar 11 '13, 1:35PM
  • i got teacher.... i want to be a psychologist

    dgh Oct 10 '12, 5:07PM
  • I got teacher...

    I was thinking of being a pediatrician because I love children and I hate school... Too little choices

    yatsi_chan Apr 6 '08, 7:42AM
  • Your Result: Actor/Actress!

    You are very confident and were always the popular one when you were at school. You enjoy having a good time and have dreamt of fame since you were very little. You are very glamourous and aspire to one day be the most famous actor/actress in Hollywood! Your name will be in lights.. one day!

    really a actress no it can't be i was thinking more onthe lines of a nurse!!!!!!!!!!!!! peace

    misshothothottie Apr 5 '08, 11:07AM
  • I don't really like acting... but then seeing my face on the t.v. might be cool and having everybody looking up to me and making lots of money being an actor/actress isn't such a bad idea.

    11hemar Mar 29 '08, 4:06PM
  • Your Result: Teacher!

    You are great at interacting and communicating with other people, especially children. You would make a great teacher as you are confident and are really good at coming up with new, fun, creative ideas! Young children love you as you understand what pleases them most.

    Social Worker!


    Puppy xo1 Mar 27 '08, 10:57AM
  • Oh...um....teacher would probably be a no no, my dream job not even in there....I wanna be a writer.

    weasalwolf809 Mar 26 '08, 6:48PM
  • uhm social worker yeah never gonna happen ugh i cant stand kids =] even though i am 13 XD lmao

    ltlbabeangel Mar 26 '08, 5:49PM
  • I'm going to be a teacher! That's actually what I want to be!

    skippygirl Mar 26 '08, 4:46PM
  • Im going to be a actress

    amberlp12 Mar 26 '08, 4:10PM

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