What is your favourite colour?

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Triggerpho said:
Jan 19 '14, 7:52PM

I got yellow. Yet my fav colour is black. and I am not exactly 'bubbly and happy' all the time.

Evelyn333 said:
Jan 5 '14, 10:31AM

I got yellow... the result describes me, but my favorite color is purple. Oh well, at least the description was true enough!

_Magic said:
Dec 30 '13, 5:10PM

Wrong, I like pink not black, do mine it's accurate. Its called "I can guess what your favourite colour is"
please comment on it and say if it was right so I can improve it

united states said:
Nov 29 '13, 12:06AM

i got my fav color green it so described me nice quiz by the way

Biker1470 said:
Jul 2 '12, 1:12PM

I got yellow. Way off. Yellow is a stupid color that represents sunshine. I hate that.

Wilfrecookie said:
Mar 9 '12, 5:58PM

i love shadow!\num i mean yeah i got black...\nright!

Wilfrecookie said:
Mar 9 '12, 5:57PM

i wuv shadow!
um i mean yeah i got black...

AHAmember said:
Jan 6 '12, 5:13PM

green...hmm WRONG!!

Demontheangel said:
Oct 7 '11, 9:54PM

i am more into blue than yellow.

happycat said:
Sep 9 '11, 5:50PM

emos r wired

Acra said:
Aug 6 '11, 1:45AM

I got my favorite color. Black. I am a loner except i have one GOOD friend in real life thats also shy and a loner. I am sorta goth i guess and im emo :/. At least i can find people like me online...

snowy1994 said:
Aug 5 '11, 11:26PM

i get yellow i love yallow but i want it to be black cuZ black is good with in any thing shoes,dress........ ..

snowy1994 said:
Aug 5 '11, 11:25PM

i get yellow i love yallow but i want it to be black cuZ black is good with in any thing shoes,dress........ ..

dangerouslove said:
Aug 5 '11, 11:13PM

i fot yellow but i hate yellow even though i look good in it i like light purple. i bet whoever got green was the one trying to save the planet

kawaiiusagi11 said:
Aug 5 '11, 7:56PM

I got yellow, it seems everyone else did too.. I don't really like yellow, but it looks good on me XD but black, white, and gray are my fav colors. What doesn't really make sense is that on the quiz black was my second option but black was the complete opposite of yellow..

Nakita said:
Aug 3 '11, 8:21PM

I love all colors so i didn't care what I got. xD I got yellow, and extremely accurate. :) Good quiz!

bbb333 said:
Aug 3 '11, 7:11AM

Yellow? this is s--- it was supposed to be Blue!

Kaitlin1998 said:
Aug 3 '11, 4:01AM

yellow??but i hate yellow and my favorite color is blue!!

luv98 said:
Jul 28 '11, 1:42PM

i got yellow...my fav color is blue

mary678 said:
Jul 28 '11, 11:06AM

i k that ill get black butt i am not a loner i got mire than 200 friends on fb and i am popular at school and yes i maybe goth at some points

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