What is your favourite colour?

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Triggerpho said:
Jan 19 '14, 7:52PM

I got yellow. Yet my fav colour is black. and I am not exactly 'bubbly and happy' all the time.

Evelyn333 said:
Jan 5 '14, 10:31AM

I got yellow... the result describes me, but my favorite color is purple. Oh well, at least the description was true enough!

_Magic said:
Dec 30 '13, 5:10PM

Wrong, I like pink not black, do mine it's accurate. Its called "I can guess what your favourite colour is"
please comment on it and say if it was right so I can improve it

united states said:
Nov 29 '13, 12:06AM

i got my fav color green it so described me nice quiz by the way

Biker1470 said:
Jul 2 '12, 1:12PM

I got yellow. Way off. Yellow is a stupid color that represents sunshine. I hate that.

Wilfrecookie said:
Mar 9 '12, 5:58PM

i love shadow!\num i mean yeah i got black...\nright!

Wilfrecookie said:
Mar 9 '12, 5:57PM

i wuv shadow!
um i mean yeah i got black...

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