What dog breed is right for me?

Looking for the right type of dog can be a difficult task. Owning dog is a lifetime commitment, and your personality, lifestyle and interests all play into choosing the right breed.

What kind of dog breed is right for you? The few simple questions in this quiz are designed to give you some starting ideas on what kind of pooch you should welcome into your life.

Created by: Kate
1. What is your age?
Under 18 Years Old
18 to 24 Years Old
25 to 30 Years Old
31 to 40 Years Old
41 to 50 Years Old
51 to 60 Years Old
Over 60 Years Old
2. What is your gender?
3. How would you best describe your family life?
Just starting. Young children, or children on the way.
What family? I am single and ready to mingle.
My kids are off to college. It's just me and my spouse, and we are both retired.
My friends are my family! I love going out, having a good time and socializing.
I live in a nice house with three Jr.-High School aged kids. We abide by a strict schedule and love competition.
I'm an active single. When I'm not at home with a few friends, I'm out trail-running, surfing or mountain biking.
4. How would you best describe your physique?
I'm a hottie with a body! Duh.
Chiseled, athletic, graceful.
Pretty athletic. I don't work out, but I am always active, which keeps me healthy.
I'm pretty slender. I keep my hair and nails short because I'm not big on maintenance.
I'm always perfectly groomed. My nails, hair and wardrobe are pristine!
5. My idea of a perfect Friday night is...
...a movie-night! All I need is a big bowl of popcorn, Rin Tin Tin on DVD and a LazYboy.
...full of Cosmos, Clubs and Cute boys! As long as I'm in stilettos and my favorite pair of designer jeans.
...a barbeque out back with a few beers and some music.
...board games with the family. We need to keep our minds sharp at all times.
...going out for a few beers, then coming home to organize my record collection or watch an indie flick with some friends.
...resting up for my long Saturday run.
6. Yesterday for lunch I had...
...a Protein shake and 2 liters of water.
...Pad Thai
...Turkey sandwich.
...Diet soda and a salad.
... Tuna fish on wheat bread.
...I don't eat lunch. Too many calories.
7. My dream job is...
... Volunteer coordinator
... to own a music venue.
... Personal trainer.
... Personal shopper.
... Park ranger.
... teacher.
8. My friends look to me for...
...a good time.
...defense. I always have their back in a fight.
..just about anything. They know I'm always there.
...advice on movies, take-out places and music.
...an ultimate tourney. I'm one of the best players around.
9. I usually shop at...
...J Crew, Banana Republic, Patagonia
...Urban Outfitters, Thrift Stores, my parent's attic
...Abercrombie.... Only Abercrombie.
...Forever 21, BCBG, Guess, Bloomingdales, Juicy....I could go on.
...Wherever I can get a pair of flip-flops and some shorts.
... Sears, Macy's, Gap, Old Navy
10. I would characterize myself as...
... artsy, intelligent and/or sensitive.
... disciplined, athletic and really really good looking.
... flirty, social and on the go.
... down to earth, outdoorsy and athletic.
... laid back, a homebody, low maintenance.
... energetic, quirky and optimistic.
11. My favorite flavor ice cream is...
...cherry garcia
...non-fat mocha latte
...butter pecan
12. In school, my favorite subject was...
...phys ed
...home ec
...environmental science
... ummm, no thanks.

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