What celebrity Do you look like?

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Crimson Red said:
Jul 10 '16, 2:07AM

Demi Lovato? Well I got black hair and dark brown eyes..and a little sensitive, and my friends said that I am a good friend.

Justmexo said:
Jun 28 '15, 7:45AM

All right except the light brown hair, mines practically black. Now i want to see you!!!haha

fashion444 said:
May 26 '15, 7:50AM

This is nearly all right! The only thing that was wrong was that it said I am short when I am actually tall for my age!

lyla martin said:
Apr 4 '15, 11:32AM

selena gomez oh my god she is adorable

keh1016 said:
Jun 18 '14, 6:20PM

Funny, this isn't the first one to say I look like Ashley Tisadle. But, I also got a result that said Amanda Seyfried. Either way I'm not blonde, but probably have a bubbly personality like one I guess...

aturn said:
Aug 1 '13, 8:17PM

On number 6, why wasn't there any size over a medium? Do you have to be teeny tiny to be a celebrity? I can outweigh all the celebrities. :(

Happy AJ said:
Jun 3 '13, 5:25AM

Demi lovato
yay me!
ur quiz was awesome!

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