What birth order personality do you have?

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Teesha said:
Jul 4 '16, 11:52AM

I am the second of four and it has me as a middle born, I think it was very true to who I am.

Theresaberry4355 said:
Apr 5 '16, 8:33PM

I got middle child I feel that this is true to me even though I am the youngest but my Sister had a child at a young age (We have a 15 year difference and I was 4 when she had her kid) So my mom took the motherly role to my nephew so I got pushed to the side at a young age.

HelloRude23 said:
Feb 9 '16, 11:24AM

hello its me

keishao said:
Jan 3 '16, 11:10AM

I am the first born and oldest, but it has me as a middle child, in a way I do understand this because my parents were teens when I was conceived. so I grew up with them and I would be middle born in that sense

JudithMorel1 said:
Aug 23 '15, 4:00AM

Error, I am a middle child with firstborn traits. I have taught myself to be confident. I was taught to be responsible and did a lot of babysitting when I was a teen.

Ducky said:
Jul 29 '15, 9:38AM

Correct only child

mikesmrs38 said:
Jul 11 '15, 2:27PM

Wrong! I am a middle child..but I can see how they would think I am the oldest.

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