What Avatar: The Last Airbender Character are you?

Through the exciting world of avatar comes a personality quiz of 12 questions. After 12 questions you will figure out who your character match is according to the 8 different results.

have you ever wondered what avatar character you were? Have you wanted to see it and possiby validate what you've said in the past about yourself? This quiz is for fans of Avatar: The Last Airbender. Please enjoy.

Created by: The Last Airbender
1. What is your age?
Under 18 Years Old
18 to 24 Years Old
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2. What is your gender?
3. You are walking in the woods and you notice a deer grazing in the clearing. He seems to notice you and tries to run off, but gets caught in a poacher's trap. What do you do?
Do you go over, help the deer out and then try to ride it.
Do you get the deer out and tend to its wounds
Do you ignore the deer but see that he stepped in your garden, and you scream to the heavens, "my Garden" *sob*
Do you kill the deer before it could even blink
Do you try and help the deer help himself by teaching him how to escape.
Do you leave the Deer because you've got better things to do.
4. You're at the movies, and some one cuts in front of you in the line; what do you do?
you let them, because the movie is worth the wait
you punch them in the gut hoping they get the hint
you relax and try to enjoy the scenery around you before going into the movie theater
you complain about it and annoy everyone around you
you give the movie up because it was your friend's idea to come here in the first place
you find some way to get him back later w/o seriously hurting him.
5. your mom asks you to do your chores; what do you do?
I give a retort, saying that I will kill her later if she doesn't stop nagging me about it
"I'll get to it sometime"
"right away!"
"this amount of filth makes me feel at one with myself"
"I don't care"
"yes ma'am"
6. which character do you think you are?
Katara or Aang
Azula or Suko
Iroh or toph
Sokka or the Cabbage merchant
7. what do you do first in prearation for a big adventure?
you prepare mentally, and then enjoy a quick refreshment.
preparation, .... who needs it, I am always prepared.
preparation, .... for what again?
I am prepared! ,I could get dressed in like 15 seconds
I am as prepared as I am going to get
whats the use, I can never go anywhere without my belongings being in danger.
8. if you were to fly in any way, what would your reaction be?
"I think I am going to be sick"
"I hate it up here"
"its so exhilerating"
"watch wwhile all my posessions fall to the ground" *sob*
"as long as it gets me to where I need to go I am fine"
9. this may be a wierd question to ask for this subject, but what is your favorite color out of these?
yellow or green
white or black
red or blue
grey or purple
10. on a sunny day you would...
plan for furthering your adventure
have fun!
go make people cry
sit around and wait for something to happen
11. what is a fantasy of yours?
to lie down at the beach an just relax with a nice cold beverage
to be in a mud bath enjoying a nice soak
seeing people die or suffer
to play all day and never get tired
to have not gotten kicked out of that poetry club
to never have my belongings threatened
12. what is more important to you?

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