What Argonian Clan are you in?

In a far off land, the four clans of Argonia await... Find out which of the four clans you are chosen by. Wolfblood, Dragonblood, Serpantblood or Foxblood

Please do not steal and use these, they are copyright, and I am using them in a novel. Comment on which clan you get, and please rate the quiz :) Hope you enjoy.

Created by: Caspian

  1. Do you stay up late?
  2. Opinion on pets?
  3. You crush tells you they like you. You:
  5. Fav colour?
  6. Do you like to study/read/write?
  7. Leader of follower?
  8. Fav book series:
  9. Training, hunting or studying?
  10. Bye!

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Quiz topic: What Argonian Clan am I in?