What Are Your Dreams Telling You?

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LizardBreaths said:
Dec 13 '15, 2:18PM

Last night, one of our closet doors had a bright how seeping out, like a light was on. Me, being the compete chicken I am, ran forward, locked the two locks on the door, and fled into my room, falling asleep on my bed. That night (last night), I dreamt only my mom and I were home. I look at the same door in my dream world and see someone's finger poking through. Terrified, I tell my mom, and she agrees that there is someone there. We try to hide but they quickly come out and see us. My mom tries to fight them off and so do I. However, whiteness takes over my eyes. Where the guy should be, I see a white blur. My movements in my dreams are usually slowed a LOT, like trying to move through water, and it is usually very hard to speak, but this time I didn't need to speak and my movements weren't slowed as much. Another guy takes this guy's place and threatens ti beat us up and kill all our dogs by the end of the week. This made me super mad. Roaring, I swipe at him, but he has the advantage of seeing more (this guy I can see better, but still not completely) and is a better a better fighter. He's not too hard on me and gets himself rolled up in some ribbon. I quickly take advantage and pull him out the door, the ribbon unwinding itself from an unworried him, and just barely stayed on as I throw him out the door. I quickly lock the door as he runs up and tries to get back in. After a moment, I remember the door they came through and run, trying to lock it. However, it needed to be pushed in to be locked, and I keep throwing my body against it, trying to lock it but it was not easy. I came close once. The guy gets through the door and my dad comes home, driving him out while my mom ride of the other two guys... THE END!!! :D

Zurple said:
Jul 29 '15, 1:54PM

Ugh I had a dream last night and it was freaking me the f--- out! I was a immigrant and in real life im no immigrant I'm a resident! I don't know how I dreamed this like wow this is my first experience! :( now I know how my parents went through with this immigrant shxt!

wolfgirl1920 said:
Jul 8 '12, 6:48PM

what dose it mean when your dream you are being chased by rainbow deer climb a wall like spider man fall almost to you death than get saved by a hot dude and kiss?????

jackie287 said:
Apr 26 '11, 2:15PM

had a dream that i was told my right lung and kiddney wont work long i am in good health why would i dream that and in the same night had a dream my fieance cheated on me with my cousin this is just crazy what is this telling me

SockoCat said:
Dec 27 '10, 1:19PM

Someone or something is holding you back from expressing your feelings, so instead of expressing your emotions in real life, you have chosen to do so in a dream or nightmare. Is something bothering you? Or making you feel weak, depressed, angry or confused? Are you biting your tongue on some sort of issue? Well, if so, then it's time to speak out and get your emotions out. For more info or possibilites with your dreams, go to dreammoods.com

I dreamed about scorpions all over the floor. I hated it and in the shower I was constantly afraid that scorpions were after me.

Evelyn Waters said:
Dec 5 '10, 4:00PM

yay! I might have a relationship! I like this one boy and i have heard rumors that he likes me too!

brooklynn818 said:
Oct 27 '10, 5:00PM

Untrustworthy People

Somebody you are around is being... sneaky. They should not be trusted because either they are lying, backstabbing, getting you into trouble, the possibilities are endless. Watch your back when it comes to your friends and foes, because somebody you might trust, or a person you dislike, may be after you. For more info or possibilites with your dreams, go to dreammoods.com.

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