Whant to find out WHEN AND HOW YOU are going to die???

There is a lot of people Who whant to no WHEN AND HOW THEY ARE GOING TO DIE well now tey dont have to keep saying that now The 300pc Death Clock Machine Is invented They can find out WHEN AND HOW THEY ARE GOING TO DIE!!!

Are you one of those People That are courious about When and how You are going to die well click here and find out with our new and Improved Machine NO SCAMM,NO CATCH TO IT ALL FREE

Created by: Nicholas

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. What is your Sign?
  2. What state were you born in?
  3. What Month were You born in?
  4. Do you Smoke
  5. Do you Drink?
  6. Are you Stresed out Alot?
  7. What is Your Race?
  8. Do you Excerise?
  9. Doy you Eat Meat
  10. What is your favorite Color?
  11. What is your favorite Type of food?
  12. How do you Sleep?
  13. Do you watch T.V Alot
  14. Theses test results went to a phicic in Arkasas and there back are you ready for The results?

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