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Spinny said:
Jan 5 '17, 11:20PM


TOMIWA said:
Jun 21 '16, 12:07PM

I'm pretty gud in the bible quiz i got 93%

TOMIWA said:
Jun 21 '16, 12:06PM

I'm pretty gud in the bible quiz i got 93%

ShirlAnn said:
Apr 2 '16, 1:18AM

At first, I was reluctant to take this quiz but I did anyway. The results were quite surprising. I scored 100%. Actually, I enjoyed taking the quiz and never expected to ace it.

Rachel Brown said:
Mar 5 '16, 9:49PM

I actually just turned 11 and i am tired so i got a bad grade---78% but my goal is to read the whole BIBLE. I love GOD sooooo much and fur those of you who want to find other cool quizzes, go to the quiz,
"Situations and Solutions"
It really has a lot of GOD stuff in it so u will be good at it cuz some of the solutions are to PRAY!

QuizGirl420 said:
Nov 15 '15, 5:26PM

this is made by Satan

Emmanuel Odejayi said:
Oct 28 '15, 6:20PM

@a jollydamsel d author of Act is luke.

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